Global Management Academy ILM Endorsed Executive Manager Program Global Management Academy
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  • Duration / Course length: Upto 4 Months
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  • Accrediting country: UK

    Course details

    This comprehensive Executive Management Program is designed to enable experienced business managers acquire the skills and knowledge with which to excel in the role of General Management. The program combines key commercial and business management knowledge areas with the leadership skills required to create a string results focus in the business.
    The program comprises 4 courses (see below), and requires approximately 50 to 100 hours of committment. Each course contains online quizzes. Candidates for the Certificate must complete at least 3 of the ;No written assignments are required.

    This program is endorsed by The Institute of Leadership and Management. All participants in the program are enrolled with the ILM and on completion of the program, receive certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

    The content of this program comprises the following courses:

    Understanding Leadership
    • The Evolution of Leadership Theory
    • Understanding and using Behavioural Leadership
    • Understanding and using Situational Leadership
    • Understanding and using Servant Leadership
    • Understanding and using Transformational Leadership
    • Understanding and using Action-Cantered Leadership
    • Understanding and Developing your Emotional Intelligence
    • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles
    • Applying 6 Leadership Styles
    • Creating and Using Vision
    • Motivating your Team
    • Goal Setting and Motivation
    • Setting High Expectations
    • Leading with Integrity
    • Leadership Communication
    • Personal leadership Developing Planning
    • The Pressure to Innovate - New models for Business Success
    • Approaches to Innovation
    • Blue Ocean Strategy
    • Leading Innovation
    • Creating an Innovation Culture
    • Stage - Gate - Managing the Innovation process
    • Locating Opportunities
    • Analyzing opportunities
    • Defining the Change (Innovation requirements)
    • Understanding Managing for Performance
    • Understanding Organization Strategy
    • Implementing Business Strategy
    • Management by Objectives
    • The Functions of Management
    • Setting Team Goals
    • Motivating the Team for Performance
    • Goal Setting and Motivation
    • Management Controls and Performance
    • Measuring Performance
    • Using the Balanced Scorecard
    • Managing Accountability
    • Feedback for Performance
    • Learning Management
    • Financial Objective and Shareholder Wealth
    • Financial Statements and Decision making
    • Understanding Profit and Loss
    • Understanding cash flow
    • Understanding the Balance Sheet
    • Measuring Organizational Financial Performance
    • Variance Analysis
    • Understanding Key Financial ratios.
    • Understanding Capital Investment
    • Evaluation of Long Term Projects
    • Shareholder Wealth and Value Add
    COURSE DURATION: Each course takes 20 Hours to complete.
    CERTIFICATION: Global Management Academy Certificates and ILM Certificate.
    ACCESS DURATION: - 6 months from the date of purchase.
    ASSESSMENT: On-line quizzes (passmark 70%)
    TUTOR SUPPORT: Email and Phone support for duration of your Program
    ILM MEMBERSHIP: ILM Membership is included for the duration of your Program Updated on 25 June, 2020

    About Global Management Academy

    Global Management Academy is the leading provider of Online Business and Management Courses to managers across Europe, India, East Asia and Australasia. Global Management Academy is an Accredited ILM Center and ATHE Center and offers an extensive range of ILM Qualifications and University Qualifications through our partner universities.

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