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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

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This training is aimed at anyone who is likely to be at risk of heat stress. The course is designed to provide an understanding of the risk associated to working in hot conditions and a practical guidance on how to avoid ;

  • Defining heat stress
  • Human body reaction to heat
  • Typical example of heat stress situation
  • Effects of heat stress
  • Example of workplaces with high risk
  • Importance of assessing the risk
  • Controlling heat stress at work

Updated on 04 July, 2020

Eligibility / Requirements

  • Basic English of English.
  • No Prior Experience Required to take this course.

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‘Weisheit' is the German word for ‘Wisdom.' In today's smart world, we all aspire to get faster, stronger, and wealthier by the day. However, one must wisely invest time, money, and energy, whether it is for business or professional development.

WEISHEIT Business Consultancy & Training Institute began its operations in 2015 and till date has trained thousands of professionals. We provide a comprehensive range of quality, cost-effective services to individuals, and organizations of all sizes within the private and public sectors. Our trainers and consultants encompass a broad spectrum of backgrounds, skills, and experience.

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