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Course details

Level 3 Certificate in First Aid at Work - CPD Accredited Certificate - 20 CPD Credits / Points - Upon successful completion, a learner will get a CPD Accredited Certificate
Level 3 First Aid Certificate is one of the best First Aid Certificate offered by the ILC to provide Knowledge about First Aid. ILC is one of the Leading Online providers in the United Kingdom.
First Aid training will equip you with the awareness and practical capabilities of how to react if the worst happens. It's the knowledge of how to help someone that collapses, cuts themselves, gets hurt in an emergency situation or finds themselves in a medical emergency.
First Aid refers to the immediate treatment of an individual that is injured or ill. First aid is not a full medical treatment, but something that can be done to stabilise a person so they can be moved to a hospital for regular medical treatment, or to preserve life while waiting for medical professionals.
The fundamental purpose of first aid is to preserve the life of people, prevent harm and promote recovery. First Aid Certificate provides a learner with key information about the application and skills that are demanded providing First Aid. First Aid Diploma provides lessons, modules, and quizzes to get access and knowledge on the end provided with Professional Certificate.
Level 3 Certificate in First Aid at Work - CPD Accredited Certificate - 20 CPD Credits / Points
First Aid ; Course Outline
First Aid - Unit 1. First Aid
First Aid - Introduction to First Aid
First Aid - Importance of First Aid
First Aid - Unit 2. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)
First Aid - Introduction to CPR
First Aid - Importance of CPR
First Aid - Steps of Performing CPR
First Aid - Sequences of CPR
First Aid - Unit 3. Accidents and emergencies
First Aid - Bleeding
First Aid - Scalds and Burns
First Aid - Choking
First Aid - Unit 4. First Aid Kit Contents
Course / Training Format

After successful enrolment, learner will get access to Inspire London College Moodle, where all the study material / Training Manual will be available. Moodle can be accessed 24/7 anywhere, anytime.
Training Manual contains several modules, each having specific knowledge and case study at the end. All the courses material will be in the form of texts (images/illustrations), and there are no video or live lectures during the training course.
The Test (MCQ's) will be based on modules of Learning & Development - Training Manual.
After studying through the training manual, Learner will have to attempt Final Test (online multiple-choice test - 2 attempts), if necessary, may attempt the test third times at no extra cost. Your test will be assessed automatically and straightaway so that you will directly know whether you have been successful or not. The passing score is 75%. You can retake the Test in the case of not being successful at first attempt.
Before attempting your Learning & Development - Final Test, you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a Learning & Development - Mock Test (online multiple-choice test - Unlimited attempts).
All test(s) / Assessment(s) are online and are taken either through or after the course, these are included in the course price.
The minimum time period to complete this training is 4 Weeks. But it is self-paced course, and the duration of completion depends on the learner's pace and ability to give time to study.
Learners will have access to their Training via Moodle for up to 12 months from the date of enrolment. During this period, flexibility will be given to learners for completing the course at any time.
CPD Accredited Certificate
Upon successfully passing the Final Assignment(s) / Final Test Learner needs to pay for CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion either in PDF format or Hardcopy.
CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion (PDF format) = £29
CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion (Hardcopy) = £40 + postage charges £15 Updated on 22 December, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

There are no precise requirements for the First Aid as no prior knowledge and experience of Management is required.
Students seeking to enroll for this course should meet the following requirements;

  • Basic knowledge of English Language & Basic Computer Skills
  • Be age 16 years or above

About Inspire London College

Historically, in February 2013 the institute was registered as BD IT Solutions in West London with an aim to provide the training, education and assistance in both business and IT sectors. Later in November 2014, BD IT Solutions decided to provide further education and training with the trading name Talent Institute of Management Studies UK (TIMS UK) and earlier in August 2017 we have changed our name to Inspire London College.

After an admirable success of Inspire London College Campus base, our senior management has decided to launch same courses online. Finally, in November 2016 Inspire London College has decided to launch online courses with a mission statement of “Inspire the generation through Education”.

To our learners, we are offering the following services:

Campus-based Programs

In November 2014, when Inspire London College started working we have decided to go-through the campus-based studies with our professional teaching staff members. Sooner we got an astounding response from the society and our learners have increased incredibly. We have got a huge response from the learners outside London and after assessing their demands the college has decided finally to launch an online learning system to facilitate our learners.

Online Learning Education Programs

To pay benefits and after the great demand from learners, Inspire London College has finally launched its online courses last August 2017. A number of courses in different disciplines of the study were included in this learning management system. Now, we have students from all over the UK and from the rest of the world, who are receiving high-quality education under the supervision of our highly skilled and professional staff members.

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