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This course is for anyone who is starting or has done a couple of film projects; in either case, this class will deepen your understanding of creative filmmaking. Your Class Project is doing a 1-3 minute short ;

Every filmmaker is unique, and because of that, I'll share the fundamentals of what I've learned - for you to develop your optimal workflow. All you need for this class is a camera, something to write on, and a computer to edit your film. Here are some of the things you'll learn in this class:
  • Experience hands-on a complete production cycle of a film project
  • The fundamentals of filmmaking
  • Develop your personal style as a visual storyteller
  • Receive tips that can save you from unnecessary agony
  • Complete a film on a micro-budget
Everything starts with your Idea, and that's where we'll start. We'll dive into tools like Theme and Genre to extract it. We'll explore how to Outline before you start writing your Screenplay. We'll discuss Production, Cinematography, and Directing before hitting the post-production phase.

This course will not only demystify the filmmaking process, but it'll also illuminate your creative strengths and help you identify areas of improvement as an Indie Filmmaker.

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Course Curriculum
  • This Course will cover some of the following topics:-
  • Your Idea 
  • Idea Tool: Fairy Tale 
  • Breakdown and the 3 Acts 
  • Theme: The most Important tool 
  • Genre: Identify Your Genre 
  • Outline 
  • Outline Tool: Change 
  • Outline Tool: Storyboard
  • Screenplay 
  • Screenplay Format
  • Screenplay: Physical Expression 
  • Screenplay: Writing Demo
  • Production
  • Cinematography: Visual Style 
  • Cinematography: Angle Tool 
  • Directing 
  • Directing Tools: Failsafe and Blocking
  • Editing 
  • Editing Process & First Impressions
  • Edit: Final Cut Pro

Upon completion of the course, internationally recognised certificates that can be traced by employers are available upon completion.

Career Path 

This training course will lead you to many different career opportunities, Here are few prospects:
  • Film/video editor - £28,122
  • Film Director - £70,159
  • Advertising art director -  £26,587
  • Community arts worker -  £20,875
  • Marketing Executive - £26,993
Updated on 01 February, 2023

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