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  • Accredited by: CiQCPD Qualification Standards
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  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course details

Diploma in Sustainable Energy

Course Curriculum:
  • Module 01: An Introduction to Sustainable Energy - Learners will gain an overview of sustainable energy concepts and principles.
  • Module 02: Solar Energy: Thermal - This module covers the fundamentals of solar thermal energy systems and their applications.
  • Module 03: Solar Energy: Photovoltaics - Learners will delve into photovoltaic solar energy technology, including its design and implementation.
  • Module 04: Wind Energy - This module explores wind energy generation, wind turbine technology, and its environmental impacts.
  • Module 05: Bioenergy - Learners will study bioenergy sources, such as biomass and biofuels, and their utilization.
  • Module 06: Geothermal Energy - This module focuses on geothermal energy production and its sustainable applications.
  • Module 07: Tidal Energy - Learners will learn about harnessing tidal energy and its potential as a renewable energy source.
  • Module 08: Environmental Impacts: A Global and Regional Assessment - This module covers the environmental impacts of sustainable energy on a global and regional scale.
  • Module 09: Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development - Learners will understand the relationship between renewable energy and sustainable development goals.
  • Module 10: The Future of Renewable Energy in the UK into the 2020s and Beyond - This module explores the future prospects of renewable energy in the UK, considering current trends and developments.
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Career path:
This course aims to assist you in achieving your career goals. Including the potential careers:
  • Energy Analyst
  • Solar Engineer
  • Wind Technician
  • Bioenergy Specialist
  • Geothermal Consultant
  • Tidal Energy Researcher
  • Environmental Impact Analyst
  • Sustainable Development Advisor
  • Renewable Energy Consultant
  • Energy Policy Analyst
Updated on 12 January, 2024

Eligibility / Requirements

You are cordially invited to enroll in this course; please note that there are no formal prerequisites or qualifications required. We've designed this curriculum to be accessible to all, irrespective of prior experience or educational background.

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