Sqilah Advanced Learning Diploma in Airport Operations Sqilah Advanced Learning
  • Duration / Course length: 6 Months Start now
  • Accredited by: IAO
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course details

About the Course
This Diploma consists of 6 E-Learning courses of Sqilah. The course is aimed at providing in-depth understanding of Airport infrastructure, its Operations and Management. It familiarizes with most aviation activities including Civil aircrafts and fleet planning, Airports and Airport functioning, Terminologies in different sub domains of aviation, MRO, Aircraft Maintenance &.  The course provides comprehensive knowledge on various types of airports and their components such landside, airside and Terminal. It also helps in deeper understanding as to how these components work together as cohesive system using collaborative decision making and make the whole operation most efficient. It comprehensively covers the operation of Airport Ramp also. In short, after completing this course, the student is ready to take off for any entry level job in the Aviation industry as well as at any Airport. The course offers Diploma Certification along with certification of 6 courses included in Diploma.
The Diploma is very content rich with 6 E-Learning courses, 85 chapters, 85 Videos, 447 slides, 1058 photos & 639 multiple choice Quiz questions.

Learning Outcomes: After completing this course you should be able to:
·Gain an overview of worldwide Aviation industry
·Know International Aviation Organizations such as IATA, ICAO & SITA and their functioning
·Understand the regulatory organizations and the role played by them
·Understand Bilateral Agreements & Freedoms of Flying
·Gain knowledge on various types of Airlines, Airports, Aircrafts & their manufacturers
·Understand role of Air Traffic Control, Aviation Security, Airline Catering
·Know about various terminologies used in different domains in Aviation
·Understand various types of airports, their ownership and their certification.
·Gain comprehensive knowledge Landside, Airside and terminal side infrastructure, operations, management and passenger movement.
·Understand airport concessionaires and their role in generating non aviation revenue for airport.
·Gain knowledge of Ground Service Equipment employed on Ramp for quick Turn Around.
·Understand Apron Management in terms of movement of various vehicles
·Understand Runways, Taxiways and their lightings, landing aids,
·Know the concept of Obstruction limitation Surfaces (OLS)
·Gain knowledge of Runway friction testing, rubber removal, snow removal etc.

Employment Potential:
The course primarily prepares the students for any entry level job in various domains of Aviation Industry especially Airports, their operations & management. Employment potential is in Airline Customer Service, Airport Operations, Ramp and Ground Operations, Flight Operations etc.

Probable Job Roles to Apply:
Airport Operations Executive
Airport Supervisor
Airline / Airport Management Intern
Airline Customer Service Agent
Assistant in Flight Operations
Any entry level job related in Aviation Industry

  Updated on 28 May, 2024

Eligibility / Requirements

Any Higher Secondary School Certificate. Graduates preferred.

About Sqilah Advanced Learning

Sqilah Advanced Learnings Pvt. Ltd.
* Aviation * Logistics * Hospitality * Healthcare * Travel & Tourism *

Sqilah, (Skills quotient in logistics, aviation and hospitality/healthcare), is a skill and knowledge building platform which helps enhance careers of thousands of professionals and aspirants in these domains. Sqilah is a brainchild of  Mr Rajan Dani who created online portal with over 100 courses in Aviation, Travel, Tourism & Hosipitality in the past.  He has revised and updated all the courses, added new domains and launched Sqilah Advanced Learnings Pvt Ltd along with professionals from the industry, bringing in an abundance of their experience in the varied domains. He has worked as a member of Syllabus Committee for Travel & Tourism in Pune University, worked on various Committees of Travel Agents Association of India and currently working as Honorary Domain Expert in Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). The mission of the company is to bring the latest knowledge of the industry to the fingertips of our students, at an affordable price, thereby enhancing the careers of those who aspire to be the best in their professions. Sqilah aims to empower the aspirants. sqilah is a platform offers e-learning courses (self learning) that can be imbibed by the aspirant at a schedule of their choice.   See all Sqilah Advanced Learning courses

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