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There is a saying that "Health is wealth". It is stated that the most dependable and most effective pharmacy lies within your own repository system. The food we take or the diet we follow determine our health. But in the modern time to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fit body, you have no choice but to be fit and lose weight. You can achieve losing weight and be fit at the same time by changing your diet considerably and constructing a proper workout regiment, which will require immense determination and mental strength. Remaining healthy and fit is a very necessary ordeal in the current 21st century as random diseases afflicting people along with COVID-19 at their peak. So it's an absolute must to lose fat, drop weight and calories, eat healthily and exercise accordingly to individual BMI while properly planning a diet consisting of packed nutrition and effective workout routines.

Our Health And Fitness Complete Training will help you plan a suitable workout regimen equivalent to your body condition while constructing a proper healthy diet plan packed with nutrition to decrease your weight by burning fat rapidly. Furthermore, adopting a healthy and robust approach towards life.

This Health And Fitness Complete Training provides you with the required knowledge and skill needed to kick-start your career in your preferred field, where our renowned and expert instructor, Felix Harder, guides the learners and explains to them about fundamentals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle focusing on diet and nutrition, as well as the knowledge of basic workout. The learner will also understand different types of nutrients and their role in building a robust immune system, knowing an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet that aids you to be healthy and energetic, basic workout regiment, the impact of cardio. Also, building food habits and preparation styles will boost immunity and metabolism and prevent diseases with proper meal planning and the right exercises.

After completing our Health And Fitness Complete Training course, you will finally be ready to positively transform your life by changing your body through a proper diet plan consisting of overwhelming nutrition and a basic workout routine. This will also help suffice your longing for learning Health And Fitness Complete Training and support you to prosper in both your personal and professional life!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Health And Fitness Complete Training, you will be able to learn:
  • How to estimate calorie perfectly
  • Identifying the different types of food
  • Grasping the required knowledge of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, mineral and their roles
  • How to optimise food consumption as your body needs
  • How to choose appropriate foods for muscle growth and fat loss
  • How to make a proper plan for pre and post-workout meal
  • How to construct a basic and advanced level diet plan
  • How to increase flexibility and do stretch flawlessly
  • How to make the proper posture during exercise
  • Setting up goals and objective
  • How to stay happy and having a stress free life
Study Cruise Highlights

By doing our Health And Fitness Complete Training you will be able to get:
  • 24/7 access to the course for lifetime
  • High-quality e-learning study materials
  • Efficient exam system, assessment and instant results
  • The UK and globally prestigious certification
  • Developed by qualified professionals with updated resources
  • Get Hardcopy certificate With FREE SHIPPING
  • Available to students anywhere in the world

Our Health And Fitness Complete Training Course is broken down into 35 flexible lessons, which we believe will help you to easily get the knowledge of each concept - from the fundamentals to the most advanced aspects of this skill. If you want to kickstart your career with the right knowledge of the industry, then this is a sure way to success.

This Health And Fitness Complete Training course is designed with the following modules:

Health And Fitness Complete Training Course
  • Course Introduction
  • What's the simplest weight loss diet that always works
  • What is nutrient desity? And what foods are most nutrient-dense
  • What's the most important macronutrient in your meal plan
  • Does eating slower help with weight loss
  • How to build a healthy relationship with food
  • How to diet without feeling hungry
  • Diet Breaker Foods
  • How food labels lie to you
  • Avoid holiday weight gain
  • Fat timing - how to use fat strategically
  • The 4 best exercises muscle building for beginners
  • Muscle hypertrophy - the science behind muscle growth
  • Cardio vs weight training - which is better for weight loss
  • The role of stress in motivation
  • Motivation And Goal Setting
  • More Tips To Stay Motivated
  • 5 Steps to long term improvements
  • How to track your progress
  • Visualising your ideal body
  • Do negative calories exist?
  • Why does every fitness guru recommend a different diet?
  • Is brown sugar better than white sugar
  • Are microwaves harmful
  • What is low carb and how does it work
  • Fresh vs frozen food - which is better
  • Is eating before bed bad
Updated on 18 August, 2021

Eligibility / Requirements

Anyone who desires to learn how to remain healthy and fit utilising science-based methods can apply to our Health And Fitness Complete Training course to enhance his physical and mental abilities along with improving his metabolism.
There is no requirement needed—only basic English and computing skills and a strong desire, ambition, patience, and focus towards learning wholeheartedly.

About Study Cruise

We are a team of experts, thriving to help you achieve your goals with our professionally devised courses. We believe that learning must not remain confined in a classroom. Just like the vast opportunities all around us, we are here to provide you with opportunities to learn from the sanctuary of your home. We develop interactive and practical courses compatible with the skillset you want to acquire without facing any difficulties.

Our team is dedicated to helping you bring the best out of you with their expertise and experience that is paralleled to none. With our industry-expert trainers, you can expect to become an industry expert yourself and create a name for yourself even in this huge competition and various challenging situations!

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