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Are you a Company Director or Company Secretary in the UK? If so, you have the legal obligation to maintain the companies accounts and records with Companies House (England and Wales). It is very easy to open a limited company in the UK, but there is less guidance available on how to close it down. This course is for those out there who wish to CLOSE their limited company. Perhaps you've been sitting in a dormant company for a while and want to close it down. If you've not been trading, then you may no longer have the need to keep the company going. Closing down the company reduces the paperwork for you and it's one less thing to remember to have to do.

There are fines and penalties for not keeping up with the paperwork. Some people realise that it's not worth keeping a company open, so they want to close it. It may be costing them a lot of money (annual accountancy filing fees etc.,) so it just makes more sense to close it down. It is not a good idea to just 'abandon' and walk away from a company without shutting it down correctly. It can come back to bite you.

This course guides you through the process in simple steps and we show you exactly what to expect when you close down a company - the letters, the online status and what you need to do, so that you do things correctly.

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Course Curriculum

This Course will cover some of the following topics:-

Introduction to the course and your tutor
  • Introduction to the course
  • Downloadable Resource
  • About your tutor
  • Reasons why you might want to consider closing your company vs dormant
Closing the Company
  • Closing a UK Limited company - the steps
  • Closing the company
Closing the Bank
  • Closing the bank
  • Bank balance at NIL
Waiting period
  • Letters of acknowledgment and online status
Conclusion and Next Steps
  • Conclusion and Next Steps


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Upon completion of the course, internationally recognised certificates that can be traced by employers are available upon completion.

Who is this Course for
  • Company Directors and Secretaries
Updated on 31 January, 2023

Eligibility / Requirements

  • You will need to have a UK Limited Company that you which to close
  • You may be interested in closing a company or helping others to close a UK company and want to know the correct process

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