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    CILT (UK) International Certification - Level 3
    The objective of the "International Certification" is to enable supervisors and first line managers to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in Logistics and Transport"
    Course Content:  The certification consists of total 3 units.
    • Business Theory
      • Introduction to World Geography
      • Shipping routes
      • Aviation routes
      • Basic principles of logistics
      • Products of logistics
    • Business Application
      • Authorities and their role 
      • Optimal modes of transport
      • Advantages and challenges of transportation
      • Key stakeholders in logistics
    • Supply Chain Operations
      • Fundamentals of a Supply Chain
      • The Supply Chain Environment
      • Operation of a Supply Chain
      • Supply Chain Performance

    The objective of "International Diploma in Logistics and Transport" is to enhance new and existing expertise in the supply chain, passenger transport, and road freight or transport planning environments as well as developing core management skills.

    Course Content:  The diploma consists of total 4 units.  

    DIP 1 - Management in Logistics and Transport
    • Internal Organisation Dynamics
      • Organisation structure
      • Organisation culture
      • Change management
      • Empowerment and manging self 
    • External Organisation Dynamics
      • External business environment (PESTLE)
      • Demand and Supply in market
      • Marketing
      • Sustainable competitive advantage
    • People Management
      • Leadership role
      • Team building and Self Directed Work Force
      • Training and Development
      • Motivation and managing performance
    • Business Planning
      • Types of businesses
      • Managing sources of financial capital
      • Various kinds of budgets
      • Cash flow and NPV importance 
    DIP 4 - Transport Planning
    • Modes of transportation (Sea, Air, Road and Rail)
      • Structure in Air Cargo
      • Structure in Sea Cargo
      • Road and Rail importance
      • Forwarders and carriers roles and responsibilities
    • Products and application
      • Various products in all modes of transport
      • Usage of products
      • Features and benefits of the products
      • Role of key stakeholders
    • Documentation and its implications 
      • Documentation requirements in transportation
      • Legal implications
      • Roles and responsibilities of stake holders
      • Customs documentations local market
    • People transportation
      • First mile and last mile challenges
      • Government role in traffic control
      • Land usage and spatial development
      • Demand for movement
    DIP 13 - Warehousing
    • Role of the Warehouse in Logistics Strategy
      • Role of Warehouse Management and Logistics Strategy
      • Warehouse Flows, Layout, Controls
      • Service levels and impact on customer
      • Inventory policy
    • Warehouse Operational Procedures and Processes
      • Planning, Organising and Control.
      • Processes and Procedures
      • Materials Handling Equipment (MHE)
      • Legislation Applicable to Warehouses
      • Automated and Robotic Equipment
    • Technology in the Warehouse
      • Warehouse Interface with the Rest of the Supply Chain
      • Purchasing and Warehousing
      • Forecasting Laws
      • Production & Transport
      • Sales order processing.
      • EDI, EPOS, JIT, VMI
    • Warehouse Cost Management and Performance Controls
      • Setting Standards and Performance Indicators
      • Defining Productivity
      • Method and Time Study
      • Warehouse Standards and Benchmarks
      • Warehouse Management Systems
      • Budgeting and Risk Management.
    DIP 14 - International Business
    • The International Business Environment
      • Scope of international market
      • Bodies involved in global market
      • Challenges and opportunities
      • Relation with international stake holders
    • Developing a Global Logistics Strategy
      • Dealing with agents and distributers
      • Customs requirements
      • Transportation requirements
      • Customs requirements
    • Supply Chain Strategy
      • Evolution of Supply Chain
      • Supply Chain Process
      • Supply Chain network planning
      • Information exchange between stakeholders
    • International Commerce 
      • Payment methods in international markets
      • Letter of credit
      • INCO terms and their importance
      • Finance in international marke

    The focus of this course is on strategic logistics and transportation management. Issues in this area will be explored in depth and at a relatively advanced level. The student is expected to fully understand concepts and ideas around strategy and demonstrate competence in actually applying strategic thinking.
    Course Content:  The advanced diploma consists of total 4 units and a project work.
    • Strategic Context
      • The Global Business Environment
      • Resource Planning, Allocation and Use
      • Sustainable Corporate Development
      • Competition and Risk
    • Leadership and Strategic Management
      • Organisational Culture
      • Strategic Leadership
      • Collaboration
      • Business Ethics
    • Strategic Network Planning
      • Vision and Strategy
      • Forecasting
      • Delivering Customer Service
      • Innovation and Change
    • Delivering Strategic Performance
      • Organisational Integration
      • Supply Strategies
      • Logistics / Operations Performance
      • Technology
    • Research Method and Professional Project
      • Research Methods
      • The Professional Project
      • Project guide
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