YourOwn Institute of Training and Professional Development Certified Cost Professional (CCP) YourOwn Institute of Training and Professional Development
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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

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    Module 1: The Role Of The Cost Engineer
    presentation of the AACE certification
    introduction to cost engineering
    the role of the cost engineer
    the basics of Total Cost Management (TCM)
    Module 2: Cost Estimating Methodologies And Classifications
    cost elements
    cost estimating
    Module 3: Statistics, Economics, And Finance
    economic costs
    basic engineering economics
    statistics and probability
    Module 4: Planning, Cost Control, And Progress Measurement
    progress measurement and earned value
    earned value for variable budgets
    tracking cost and schedule performance
    Module 5: Cost Engineering Fundamentals Within Project Management
    performance and productivity management
    project management fundamentals
    project organization structure
    project planning
    project labor cost control
    leadership and management of project people
    Module 6: Cost Management, Quality Management, Value Management, And Contract Management
    equipment, parts, and tools
    activity-based cost management
    process and discrete product manufacturing
    quality management
    value analysis
    strategic asset management
    Module 7: Risk Management And Common Cost Engineering Practices
    net present worth and equivalent uniform annual cost or benefit
    contracting for capital projects
    basic concepts in descriptive statistics
    risk management
    Module 8: Comprehensive Cost Engineering Skills And Knowledge Case
    assignment 1: discuss estimating plan
    assignment 2: class 5 estimate preparation
    assignment 3: discuss the basis of estimate preparation
    assignment 4: questions on cost elements
    assignment 5: economic feasibility of a project
    assignment 6: unit conversion
    assignment 7: equipment factor estimate
    assignment 8: long term cost of ownership
    assignment 9: network planning
    assignment 10: equipment depreciation
    assignment 11: questions on statistics
    assignment 12: earned value management
    Module 9: Certified Cost Professional (CCP) - RECAP
    introduction to the Certified Cost Professional (CCP) certification
    recap cost engineering skills and knowledge
    basic and applied engineering economics
    statistics and probability
    basic concepts in descriptive statistics
    schedule the AACE certification exam
    Certified Cost Professional (CCP) and technical paper submittal requirements
    the Certified Cost Professional (CCP) exam
    how to write a certification paper
      Updated on 20 October, 2021

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Eligibility Requirements

    • 8 years industry related experience or
      4 years industry related experience + 4-year industry related college degree
    • 2,500 minimum word technical paper
    • Adherence to AACE's Canons of Ethics

    About YourOwn Institute of Training and Professional Development

    Your Own Institute of Training and Professional Development is established in May 2021 with the approval from DED and KHDA-Dubai.

    A set of experienced Educational Experts, world class Trainers and Professional consultants who know the need and pulse of the working force, are behind this venture. This Institute is developed after doing immense market survey from the working force and the Corporates.

    We collected feedback from them and realised what they want exactly to upgrade in their professional career. As the name suggests it is ‘YOUR OWN INSTITUTE’. We are committed 100% Customer happiness. Excellent consultation, career counselling based on TNA and world class training are our highlight. We at YOI, offer you a wide range of Professional courses. Whichever field you are working, we have a course for your Professional Development.

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