Certificate Program in Power BI Manipal Executive Education
Price: USD 408
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.
  • Duration: 1 Week

Course details

Module 1:

Communicate the story that data insights represent
• Intro to Data Analytics - exploring the various steps involved
• Descriptive & Predictive Analytics (Basic Concepts - HindSight, Insight, Foresight)
• Practical examples and case studies - Data Formatting / Mining
• Creating Data models for effective Analysis - Advanced BI techniques (practice session)
• Guiding principles for conducting data analysis
• Terms used in Regression Analysis - Coefficient, R square, Slope, etc.

Module 2:

Interpretation and communication of data
• Importance of data Preparation
• Introduction to Power Query
• Cleaning Data in Power Query
• Creating Tables in Power BI
• Advanced Table Operations (Split, Merge, Sort)
• Handling folder-based files - combining queries.
• Understanding When to Deformalize the Data
• Creating Linked Tables and Hierarchies

Module 3:

Implementing DAX for developing sustainable and scalable reports
• Defining the need of data Relationships and understanding cardinality
• DAX Concepts - Row context & Filter context
• Create Relationships and describe relationships between data tables.
• Understanding logical Calculations
• Creating a Date Table using calendar functions
• Understand the DAX syntax and use DAX functions to enhance your datasets
• Working on Dates - developing date dimensions using Advanced M Query
• Create calculated columns, calculated tables, and measures.
• Important DAX Functions (Time Intelligence and Iterators)

Module 4:

Discover techniques to select the right graphic for the right context
• Psychology of Data Visualization - principles of grouping
• Cognitive psychology, the science of perception,
• Neuro-aesthetics best practices for data visualization
• Exploring the various visual aids for data explanation

Module 5:

Advanced data analytics using PBI
• Advance data gathering and transforming techniques.
• The last mile - Visualizations, branding, and design
• The Art and Science of Action-Driven Visual Analytics
• Creating Power BI Reports
• Working with data parameters in Power BI reports

Module 6:

Interactive Data Visualizations
• Setting up data stage - before Create your first KPI Dashboard in Power BI
• Exploring data visualization concepts and building KPI Charts
• Import custom visuals into Power BI for use in Power BI reports.
• Managing Filters - Visual, Page, Report levels
• Advanced visualization techniques - Synchronized filters and bookmarks
• Advanced Power BI features - Filtering, Hierarchy, Drilldown, Tooltips
• Connecting R / Python scripts with Power BI visuals

Module 7:

Mastering Dashboarding Skills using Power BI Web Service
• Creating a Power BI Dashboard
• Develop Mobile compatible responsive reports and dashboards.
• Create dashboards and reports for mobile devices.
• Use Power BI Embedded to add visualizations and reports to web or mobile application.
• Introduction to Row Level Security

Module 8:

Power BI advanced techniques
• Exploring Power BI Cloud services - Quick Insights, Usage Metrices, Report Scheduling
• Developing reports using Power BI NLQ features
• Generating QA Code
• View Reports in Browser using embedded frame codes.
• Report and Dashboard deployment strategies - understanding data lineage Updated on 19 April, 2023

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