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Course details

If you are interested in becoming a qualified paediatric nurse for supporting nursing staff or working with the diversified members of a healthcare or social care organisation, this Paediatric First Aid Course is the perfect route to help you kickstart a successful career in the healthcare sector. Treating a casualty with First Aid is a hard but rewarding experience. Being able to help a child in distress or pain is an especially admirable talent and one that all parents or child-minders should ideally know.

You can save lives in critical situations with a few simple techniques you will learn at the paediatric first aid course. Basic first aid training will teach you how to deal with situations such as sprains and knocks and broken bones. You will however have to do a paediatric first aid course to deal effectively with infant choking and other emergency situations. The first few seconds after an accident or fall can make a huge difference, a difference between life and death. So, irrespective of where you live and access to emergency facilities, it is a good idea to know how to deal with a child or infant related trauma. Paediatric first aid courses will teach you how to administer the right procedure in case of the child choking. Taking immediate and right action could save the life of the infant or child. It is very important to know basic paediatric first aid skills to save a life.

Enrol in our Paediatric First Aid Course now. Our course is constructed by experts in this field. Our course will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to propel your career and become successful.

Course Curriculum:

  • Getting Started
  • Treating Minor Wounds
  • Respiratory Problems
  • CPR
  • Bone, Joint and Muscle Injuries
  • Paediatric Emergencies and Illnesses
  • Bites and Stings

Learning outcome

  • Boost your career in Paediatric First Aid
  • Learn how to take charge during an accident involving a child
  • Gain knowledge on your role in a First Aid situation
  • Be confident on how to treat and examine minor wounds affecting children
  • How to solve surprise Respiratory problems
  • Learn how to Perform CPR on different age groups
  • Understand the extent of their abilities and when paediatric professionals need to be involved
  • React responsibly during stressful and distressing scenarios involving children
  • Learn how to react to animal causing injuries
  • Recognise when Emergency Services need to be contacted
Why should I take this course from you:

  • High-quality e-learning content
  • Course completion free pdf certificate
  • 24/7 Learning assistance
  • Developed by Qualified tutors
  • Lifetime access to the course

After you successfully finish our ascribed training course Paediatric First Aid, you have developed new sets of skills that can contribute to your personal and professional development, improve your job prospects and evolve in your career. Now can obtain a PDF copy of your certificate free of cost.

Career Path

After successfully completing our course Paediatric First Aid, you will have the essential knowledge and skills to become successful in your career. There are many career paths in the Healthcare Industry. Candidates may choose to pursue an extensive range of careers including:

  • Paramedic
  • Nurse
  • Assistant Nurse

Updated on 02 March, 2021

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