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Organizational behavior is an academic discipline concerned with describing, understanding, predicting, and controlling human behavior in an organizational environment. Organizational behavior has evolved from early classical management theories into a complex school of thought—and it continues to change in response to the dynamic environment and proliferating corporate cultures in which today's businesses operate.

Organizational behavior scientists study four primary areas of behavioral science: individual behavior, group behavior, organizational structure, and organizational processes. This course shall focus on the understanding of the effect of abilities, learning, values, personality, attitudes, & motivation on the individual behavior within the organization.

This workshop capitalizes on the OB theories and concepts to equip you with practical tools to understand, predict and shape the behavior of your team members and the people around you. You will learn skills that will ultimately improve your team's productivity and job satisfaction while reducing negative behaviors like turnover and absenteeism.

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participant should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the importance of interpersonal skills in the workplace
  • Define organizational behavior (OB) and assess what affects behavior in organizations
  • Acquire tools to improve productivity and reduce turnover and absenteeism
  • Understand the different facets of employee abilities and how to improve ability-job fit
  • Measure and improve employee job satisfaction
  • Predict and deal with the responses of dissatisfied employees
  • Understand the key personality traits and relate personality profiles to job performance
  • Relate personal and corporate values to behaviors
  • Deal with people from different cultures through your understanding of the Hofstede's cultural values framework
  • Motivate employees through the understanding of key motivation theories

Course Outline

Introduction to Organizational Behavior (OB)

  • What is OB
  • The study of OB
  • Variables in OB
  • The performance equation


  • Physical abilities
  • Intellectual abilities
  • Emotional intelligence/Emotional labor
  • Ability-job fit

Attitudes & Job Satisfaction

  • Components of Attitude
  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Major job attitude
  • Measuring job satisfaction
  • Responses to dissatisfaction


  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
  • The Big Five model
  • Type A and Type B personalities


  • Terminal vs. instrumental values
  • Corporate values
  • Hofstede's cultural values framework


  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs
  • ERG Theory
  • X-Y Theory
  • Two factor theory (motivation-hygiene)
  • Goal-setting Theory
  • Reinforcement Theory, learning and behavioral shaping
  • Equity Theory
  • Expectancy Theory

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