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Workforce planning is about having the right talent with the right skills, at the right time and cost, to support the organization's strategy. This workshop will introduce the workforce planning and its relationship to Human Resources.


  • A Clear Definition of Workforce Planning (WFP) and its Relationship to Organization Strategy
  • The Need for WFP
  • The WFP Analysis Model A Mega Process
  • WFP Key Performance Indicators
  • The Demand Analysis Phase: How to Forecast Human Resources Needs
  • The Supply Analysis Phase
  • The Gap Analysis Phase
  • Workforce Formulation
  • Using Workforce Planning to Support Management Successions and Development Planning

Workshop Benefits:

  • Define workforce planning within the context of Human Resources.
  • Explain how Human Resources planning are related to the overall strategic plan of the organization.
  • Understand the economic concepts of demand and supply and how they apply to the labor market.
  • Learn how to forecast the demand and supply for different types of Human Resources, both in terms of quantity and quality.
  • Explain the relationship of Human Resources planning to the staffing process.

About Standards HRC

Since its founding in 2008, Standards Consultants has become one of the leading organizations in Human Restheirces and Business Management Consultancy and in Training and Development fields in the MENA region with its Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, and offices in Kuwait city.they, at STANDARDS Consultants, believe that work must be done today to achieve a better tomorrow. they look ahead, understand the local and global markets, and study all trends and forces that shape the business world. That’s what their Vision is all about; a long-term destination where they can exceed their customers’ expectations.

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