OracleBI Discoverer Administrator 10g: Develop an EUL New Horizons Egypt

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  • urs Design, create, and maintain the End User Layer (EUL)
  • Customize the EUL
  • Design effective business areas
  • Control user access to EUL, and business areas
  • Export/ Import EUL, and business areas
  • Create item classes
  • Create analytical and aggregate items
  • Create drills
  • Create summaries to improve query performance
  • Manage batch scheduling
  • Manage multiple EULs

Introduction to OracleBI Discoverer Administrator: Develop an EUL

Creating the End User Layer and Business Areas

  • Public and Private End User Layers
  • Security in an EUL
  • Creating the Initial EUL
  • Discoverer in Applications Mode
  • Designing a Business Area
  • Customizing a Business Area
  • Creating a Business Area
  • Exporting and Importing

Creating Lists of Values (LOVs), Alternative Sorts, and Conditions

  • Creating an LOV
  • Managing LOVs
  • Creating an Alternative Sort
  • Creating a Simple Condition
  • Creating an Advanced Condition
  • Creating item classes

Customizing Properties, Creating Calculated Items, and Registering PL/SQL Functions

  • Viewing Default Folder and Item Properties
  • Formatting Folders and Items
  • Customizing Folder and Item Properties
  • Calculated Items
  • Registering PL/SQL Functions

Creating Complex and Custom Folders

  • Creating Joins
  • Managing Join Relationships
  • Creating a Complex Folder
  • Assigning Items to Complex Folders
  • Optimizing SQL Generation
  • Creating a Custom Folder
  • Custom LOVs

Creating Analytical and Aggregate Items

  • Using Analytical Functions
  • Administration Calculations
  • Types of Calculations
  • User-Defined Aggregate Calculations

Creating Drills

  • Drill Structures and Facilities
  • Filtering Drills
  • Drill to related items
  • Drill to detail
  • Designing and creating an Item Hierarchy
  • Maintaining Item Hierarchies
  • Creating a Date Hierarchy
  • Maintaining Date Hierarchies

Creating and Managing Summary Folders

  • Requirements for Creating Summary Folders
  • Requirements for Using Materialized Views
  • Creating Summary
  • Estimating Storage Space
  • Registering External Summary Tables
  • Editing Summary Folders
  • Refreshing Summary Folders
  • Viewing Summary Folder Properties

Automated Summary Management (ASM)

  • ASM Policy
  • Executing ASM
  • Running ASM After Bulk Load
  • Advanced Settings

Managing Batch Scheduling

  • Scheduling Workbooks
  • Opening and Managing Scheduled Workbooks
  • Creating a Batch Repository User
  • Setting the Repository User Property
  • Managing Scheduled Workbooks
  • Editing a Scheduled Workbook
  • Viewing Scheduled Workbook Status

Maintaining the End User Layer

  • Effects of Database Changes on Queries
  • Refreshing the Database
  • Refreshing the Business Area
  • Managing Folders
  • Deleting a Business Area
  • Migrating from Development to Production
  • Support for Multiple Schemas

Administering Multiple End User Layers and Automating Tasks

  • Using the EUL Manager Wizard
  • Creating an EUL for a New User
  • Deleting an EUL
  • Installing the Sample Data
  • Uninstalling the Sample Data
  • Multiple End User Layers
  • Assigning a Default EUL
  • Verifying the Default EUL

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