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This course assists database developers, DBAs, and SQL developers to identify and tune inefficient SQL statement. It covers investigative methods to reveal varying levels of detail about how the Oracle database executes the SQL statement.

This allows the student to determine the root causes of the inefficient SQL statements. Students learn to interpret execution plans, and the different ways in which data can be accessed. They will learn how the optimizer chooses the path and how to influence the optimizer to ensure that the best method is used. This course covers Automatic SQL Tuning tools, and resources available in the Automatic Workload Repository, in addition to taking advantage of bind variables, trace files, and different types of indexes.

This course is based on Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

Learn To:

  • Use Oracle tools to identify inefficient SQL statements
  • Use Automatic SQL Tuning
  • Use Real Time SQL monitoring
  • Write more efficient SQL statements
  • Monitor and trace high load SQL statements
  • Manage optimizer statistics on database objects


  • Identify poorly performing SQL
  • Trace an application through its different levels of the application architecture
  • Understand how the Query Optimizer makes decisions about how to access data
  • Define how optimizer statistics affect the performance of SQL
  • List the possible methods of accessing data, including different join methods
  • Modify a SQL statement to perform at its best

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