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This course provides step-by-step instructions for creating analysis and dashboards, which compose business intelligence applications. Participants learn how to administer the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog and to build a simple Oracle BI dashboard starting with basic analysis, then adding more complexity as the course progresses. Participants

learn to include pivot tables, graphs, gauges, prompts, embedded content, navigation links, and KPIs on the dashboards. Participants also use Oracle BI Delivers to send real-time, personalized alerts to dashboards and for subscribed users. Participants use Oracle BI for Microsoft Office to integrate Oracle BI data and views in Microsoft Office presentations and spreadsheets. Participants create KPIs and add KPIs to a dashboard. Finally, they explore the use of Oracle BI Briefing Books.

Learn To:

  • Build and use views and charts in analysis
  • Build analysis
  • ent in Microsoft Office applications
  • Create and modify Oracle BI Dashboards
  • Create and work with KPIs
  • Configure, schedule, and deliver personalized alerts using Oracle BI Delivers
  • A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any
  • time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording,
  • copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Course Objectives :

  • Create and modify dashboards
  • Configure Agents using Delivers to get the results of analyses and deliver them to subscribers
  • Perform administration tasks related to the development and configuration of dashboards
  • Use Oracle BI for Microsoft Office to integrate Oracle BI analysis and dashboard content
  • Create and modify Oracle Business Intelligence analyses
  • Use hierarchical columns in analyses and views
  • Combine analysis criteria using set operations and execute direct database requests
  • Perform pre- and post-aggregate filtering using filters, groups, and selections
  • Use Key Performance Indicators to meet business objectives
  • Build and use views and graphs in analyses
  • Add geographical mapping to analyses

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition
  • Introduction to Oracle BI
  • Architecture Overview
  • Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses
  • Introduction to Oracle BI Analysis Editor
  • Oracle BI column types
  • Working with analyses in Oracle BI
  • Using advanced formatting
  • Administering the Presentation Catalog
  • Maintaining the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog in the Catalog page
  • Oracle BI and catalog security Overview
  • Managing security Using roles
  • Understanding security inheritance
  • Setting object permissions
  • Setting system privileges
  • Archiving catalog items
  • Limiting and Grouping Data in Analyses
  • Introduction to filters and selections
  • Creating, editing, and grouping filters
  • Adding prompts to analyses
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Using saved analyses as filters
  • Creating groups
  • Creating calculated items
  • Creating selection steps
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses: Advanced Features
  • Setting analysis properties
  • Combining analysis criteria by using set operations
  • Executing direct database analyses
  • Editing logical SQL generated by an analysis
  • Creating a link to a saved analysis
  • Creating an Excel Web Query file
  • Working with Views and²w&‡2–âæÇ—6W0
  • Introduction to views, graphs, and editors
  • Working with views in Compound Layouts
  • Creating and editing graphs
  • Linking master-detail views
  • Performing common view tasks

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