Oracle 10g DBA OCP Exam Preparation CTC Academy

Course details

Module 1

  • Basic Oracle Concepts

Module 2

  • Installing Oracle Database 10g

Module 3

  • Creating an Oracle Database

Module 4

  • Interfacing with the Oracle Database

Module 5

  • Managing Oracle Processes

Module 6

  • Managing Oracle Storage Structures

Module 7

  • Administering Users

Module 8

  • Managing Database Objects

Module 9

  • Manipulating Database Data

Module 10

  • Programming Oracle with PL/SQL

Module 11

  • Securing the Database

Module 12

  • Configuring Oracle Networking

Module 13

  • Managing Shared Servers

Module 14

  • Managing Database Performance

Module 15

  • Monitoring Oracle

Module 16

  • Managing Undo

Module 17

  • Dealing with Locking

Module 18

  • Configuring the Database for Backup and Recovery

Module 19

  • Backing Up Oracle Databases

Module 20

  • Recovering Oracle Databases


  • Managing Globalization in Oracle Databases

Module 22

  • Configuring Security for the Listener

Module 23

  • Getting Started with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Module 24

Using RMAN to Back Up Oracle Databases

Module 25

  • Diagnosing Oracle Database Issues

Module 26

  • Recovering from Noncritical Losses

Module 27

  • Incomplete Database Recovery

Module 28

  • Using Flashback Database

Module 29

  • Recovering from User Errors

Module 30

  • Detecting and Recovering from Database Corruption

Module 31

  • Tools for Oracle Database 10g Tuning

Module 32

  • Monitoring and Managing Storage

Module 33

  • Managing Storage with Automatic Storage Management

Module 34

  • Monitoring and Managing Memory

Module 35

  • Managing Oracle Database Resources

Module 36

  • Automating Administrative Tasks

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