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The target group for Offshore HLO Initial Training programme is personnel who are to be appointed to the role of an Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer. This course offers the initial underpinning knowledge and skills required to work towards status of a full HLO.

Course Learning Outcomes

The delegate’s learning outcomes are set out below:

To successfully complete this programme, delegates must be able to:

  •  Understand key parts of relevant helideck operation regulations and guidelines
  •  Understand helideck physical characteristics
  •  Understand obstacle-free requirements
  •  Understand helideck equipment and systems
  •  Understand typical hazards associated with offshore helideck operations
  •  Understand meteorological requirements for offshore helicopter operations.
  •  Define the role and explain key responsibilities of the offshore HLO.
  •  State main HLO responsibilities and required actions:
  • a. 30 minutes before helicopter ETA
  • b. 10 minutes before helicopter ETA
  • c. Immediately before helicopter lands
  • d. After landing: rotors running turnaround
  • e. After landing - engines shut down and rotors not running
  • f. Helicopter tie-down, engine blanks and covers fitted
  • g. Helicopter start-up.
  • 9. Understand the structure and terms in a typical pre-flight weather report and floating installation (or vessel) data required by helicopter pilot.
  •  Understand how dangerous goods are identified, packaged and labelled according to IATA and ICAO regulations, to include ‘Notification to Captain’ requirement.
  •  Understand typical HLO requirements for Normally Unattended Installations (NUIs).
  •  Conduct radio checks and use standard radio communications protocols when communicating with relevant personnel, to include HLO-to-helicopter pilot communications.
  •  Use correct and appropriate hand signals if radio communications are ineffective.
  •  Check the helideck for contamination, debris or damage after take-off.
  •  Brief HDAs prior to helicopter landing at appropriate times during helicopter operations.
  •  Ensure HDAs are in required locations during helicopter operations.
  •  Conduct and respond to required helideck protocols during helicopter operations, to include: safe-toapproach, helicopter anti-collision lights switched off and ‘thumbs-up’ from pilot (as agreed by operating company).
  •  Check passenger and freight manifests.
  •  Effectively supervise HDAs during passenger, freight and baggage handling (HLOs should not become involved in manual activity, such as carrying bags, at the expense of their supervisory role) 

Learning Outcomes 12 through 19 are to be assessed during practical exercises.


Each delegate who is successful on OPITO HLO Initial training will receive an OPITO HLO Initial Certificate and be registered on the central register which is operated by OPITO.

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