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"Why produce a course?" Is just one of the questions this course answers as it lays down the foundations of course creation and instructs you on how producing online learning materials can add value to a business. You will also learn what common elements make for a successful online course, and what customers expect.

You may already have an idea of what your course will be about but you may not. The Online Course Creation Diploma Course will guide you, step-by-step, in selecting your topic. You will determine your passions and learn how to scrutinise current clients and communities to see if they have specific needs that you can meet through a course. You will go on to explore online tools that will help you name your course (and why this is important to consider) and how to find your competitors and discover what they are doing that you could improve upon.

With a clear idea of the course you want to create, you then need to outline what the content of the course will be. You will be shown how to decide on a structure for your course and ways in which you can deliver your content. You will also learn how to keep on track with getting it released by establishing a timeframe with a course creation calendar.

As specialised areas, You will be provided with specific advice on creating worksheets and videos for your course. You will gain an appreciation of the effect good design, pleasing aesthetics, and branding has on the professionalism of your course and its contents. The course also outlines how to create a home studio and the equipment You will need, along with sharing tips on how to shoot your videos.

Once your course is created You will need to put it online. The Online Course Creation Diploma Course talks you through your hosting options - self-hosting, third-party platforms or course marketplaces. Each is defined in the course, to give you a clear understanding of the best path for you, depending on your budget, tech skills, and social following.

Without the necessary knowledge, it can be difficult to decide on a price for your course. You will learn how to go about setting your price and revenue goals appropriately. The Online Course Creation Diploma Course also guides you through creating a sales page that helps customers understand why your course is the best solution to their problems and how to ensure your checkout provides them with confidence in your business.

Spread the word! Your course is ready, now you need to let everyone know about it. In the pre-launch period, you need to use marketing tactics to reach as many potential customers as possible. The Online Course Creation Diploma Course shows you how to use blogging, social media, video-making, and more, to create as much hype for your course as possible. You will also be guided through the different phases of promotion and the activities you should be engaged in as you countdown to your course's release date.


  • Module 1 - Course Creation Foundations
  • Module 2 - Choosing a Course Topic
  • Module 3 - Deciding on Course Content
  • Module 4 - Branding, Design and Creating Course Content
  • Module 5 - Get Your Course Online
  • Module 6 - Marketing Your Course
  • Module 7- Launching Your Course
  • Module 8 - A Step-by-Step Launch Plan for Your Course
Updated on 27 January, 2019

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