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Fellowship in Diabetes course will not only enhance the in-depth understanding of diabetes but also will also let a physician deal with all relative clinical cases with an ease. The course will impart knowledge about management of diabetes and the treatment methods of life-threatening diseases.

1. Introduction to Diabetes
2. Non- Pharmaclogical Management 
;Pharmaclogical Management 
; Understanding and Management of Diabetes Complications - Microvascular Complications 
5. Diabetes- Speical Situation Updated on 18 June, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

Job roles this course is suitable for:

MBBS/General Practitioner , Doctor - MBBS , Doctor - MBBS

About Medigrad

MediGrad is a healthcare-focused online learning platform providing specialized courses in various specialties with a focus to break the boundary barriers and reach where it is desperately needed. The courses are specially designed by highly experienced doctors in the specific specialty who have been exposed to enormous clinical cases and can infuse all their practical & theoretical knowledge into the course content. MediGrad has merged highly researched pedagogy with the latest technology to give world-class learning experience to the students.

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