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    At Arabeya we specialized in one-to-one classes since our fundation. This approach is one to which we have been, and continue to be, committed since our founding.

    With only one student in the classroom, it’s time is optimized, he or she is able to speak, listen and participate in the ideal fashion. Likewise, the instructor is able to identify the strengths and liabilities of his or her students, so that he or she can prepare lessons accordingly and therefore most effectively.

    More, our one-to-one and one-to-two students at Arabeya develop the sort of relationships with our instructors that we believe are conducive to learning the subtleties of the Arabic language.

    We have confirmed our philosophy repeatedly by the impressive progress demonstrated by the students emerging from one-to-one/two-student classes.

    Program Highlights:
    • Choose to study:
    1. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).
    2. Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA).
    3. Combination of both (MSA) and (ECA).
    • Study Arabic in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with students from around the world.
    • Experience life in Egypt while immersing yourself into its rich cultural heritage.
    • Receive full attention from the instructor, helping improve your Arabic greatly in no time!
    • Take advantage of program perks, including trips and events throughout the year!
    • Make lifetime memories during your time with us and your mates.
    FREE registration, placement test, certificate, Wi-Fi at our school and accommodation. Updated on 18 November, 2018

    About Arabeya Language School

    Our philosophy is expressed in our commitment to, and emphasis of, small groups - the smaller the number of students, the more attention each student receives. This pedagogical belief is one in which we believe strongly and which is reflected in our programs. Though one- or two-student classes are ideal, we nevertheless encourage groups of no more than four students. This classroom situation benefits the quality of education from two sides: the student participates more in the reading, writing, speaking, and listening aspects of language and the educator becomes better able to identify the student’s strengths and liabilities so that he or she can construct lessons effectively and productively.  aller the number of students, the more attention each student receives.

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