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The day offers an energizing mix of theory and practice including two sessions of team-based simulation (Portfolio Zookeeper), an overview of recently proven practices in Portfolio Management including practical ideas from Lean and Queuing Theory, and expertly-coached exercises structured for individual planning to improve portfolio value within each participant’s current workplace.

What's Special About This Course?

Take flight by joining this course which is run by Stuart Elliot, a globally sought after expert who runs project definition reviews, post-project reviews and alignment sessions of all shapes and sizes, from 40 hour nano-projects to execution planning on multi-billion dollar ;He has also been formally recognized for his contribution to the development of the Full Value Index (a breakthrough tool for reducing value leakage from brownfield portfolios), receiving the John Grill Award for the Canadian Region. Stuart also brings 40+ years of industry experience in brownfield portfolio management, project management, project controls, program management, operations, contract negotiation, environmental management, quality management and performance ;

Also, remember that this course is operated by WorleyParsons, a key and widely recognized player in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) ;

Course Overview

The challenge at every operating plant is to improve performance year over year, despite limited resources and the relentless wear and tear that comes with 'pushing' an aging asset. This one-day course introduces a governance framework for the portfolio of hundreds of small and mid-sized engineered improvements necessary to sustain and improve an operating plant.

Portfolio management is different from project management, starting with the overall goal. Done well, portfolio governance enables facility management to align key contributors (notably Finance, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Supply Chain and Construction) to achieve a shared goal of more asset improvements in less time for less money and effort. Some companies use the term 'brownfield capital efficiency' for this desirable outcome. The stakes are high: a large and growing backlog of project work requests could be a leading indicator that the asset is wearing out faster than it is being improved. The course introduces the unique principles of brownfield portfolio management and equips participants to begin to implement them at their operating facilities.

You will Learn How to:

• Define and communicate a goal for their facility’s portfolio that will align Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Finance around what matters most in brownfield work

• Understand four distinct business practices which lead to more asset improvements in less time for less money, and which benefit from improved alignment among the groups just mentioned

• Declutter any large and growing backlog of brownfield project work requests so that management attention can be focused on the most valid project ideas

• Adapt and apply their company’s current Risk Matrix to further refine the list of valid projects ideas so that the asset gets the most improvement possible with the funds and resources available

• Recognize and optimize whatever constraints are limiting the organization’s ability to get more asset improvements in less time for less money 

• Build on the strengths of current project controls but shape their emphasis to create more portfolio value

  • Overview
  • Zookeeper Game & Debrief
  • Governance: The Predictability Trap
  • Principles of Brownfield Portfolio Management
  • Application within Participant's Organization
  • Apply principles to Zookeeper
Updated on 04 September, 2018

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All of our courses can be tailored and delivered in-house.

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