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The-job training is the training that will be within the enterprise or outside and includes all aspects of technical, administrative and technical , with a focus on the competence of the work within the facility , and is intended to training on the job that kind of training , which is to raise the efficiency of workers on the job , whether STM actual during the daily working hours or outside institutes and training centers of Foreign Affairs , which offers by qualified instructors in order to develop different skills for workers and the renewal of what information they have and raise their efficiency to achieve the tasks assigned to them fully .


  • Defining the strategic entrance to the training on the job and how to achieve the goals and strategies of the organization.
  • Discuss ways to develop standards to measure the return of on -the-job training .
  • Defining the process of measuring the yield of training on the job and ways to develop proposals to increase the effectiveness of the training .
  • Discuss the nature of the performance of employees and the definition of the fundamental differences between the performance appraisal and development .
  • Definition of the basic principles of training evaluation at the head of the work and discuss techniques evaluate the performance of the training.
  • Definition phases of the training process in the scientific and practical sides .
  • To provide participants with knowledge in ways and methods to prepare a plan of training for the job and the employee.
  • Forms and stages of the implementation of the training plan .
  • Provide participants with the practical aspect of the implementation of the training plan and assess the activities of the stages of the administrative aspects , technical and financial

Who should attend:

  • The training program directed to human resource managers, directors of development and planning , studies and research , directors of key departments and in their level.

Daily Outlines:

The entrance to the strategic training on the job :

  • what training and development : the goals and requirements of success
  • strategic role of training and achieving the goals and strategies of the institution
  • training and continuous improvement of performance

Measuring the performance of employees and linking for training on the job :

  • what performance management of employees : Linking actual performance and training needs
  • fundamental differences between the assessment, development and performance
  • basic principles to assess and evaluate the performance

Evaluation of training on the job :

  • Methods of making plans to evaluate the training on the job .
  • Basic Principles for the evaluation of training on the job .
  • Performance evaluation techniques and link training on the job .

Measuring the return on training :

  • Flimsy process of measuring the return on training
  • Methods develop criteria to measure the return on training

Identify and analyze the training needs of aspects :

  • level of training
  • type of training
  • time training
  • training venue

Interferences associated with the preparation of the training plan in terms of:

  • Results of evaluation of the performance levels
  • Management development
  • Track the training of career path and career replacement
  • Requirements of the tasks and responsibilities of work

Stages of the implementation of the training plan in terms of:

  • Duration of the session
  • Requirements for supervision before, during and after the training program held

Assessing the activities of the training activity in terms of:

  • Feedback during the implementation of the program
  • Evaluate the extent of benefit immediately after the program
  • Assess the level of improvement in performance after returning to the job site

Techniques and training methods:

  • Work in groups to reach the preparation of a training plan in general, and for each job title .
  • Design models associated with the preparation and implementation of and follow-up activities of the training program.

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