Nutrition & Health Egyptian Chefs Association
Price: EGP 4,500
  • Locations: Agouza
  • Duration: 2 Days

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Nowadays our guests are getting more health conscious about what they eat.
This course does not provide an in-depth study of nutritional sciences, but rather sets forth basic information about nutrients and guidelines for planning a healthy diet. Tips on how to use ingredient substitutions and alternatives to prepare meals that are more nutritious are also included. The Nutrition & Health course starts with listing the nutrients and their function in the human body. It then explains in detail the effects storage and different preparation techniques have on the nutritional value of foods and how to limit nutrient losses. It concludes with a guideline on how to use substitutes and healthy alternatives in cooking and so provide nutritional and balanced menus to sustain the health of our guests.

Structure of the workshop and topics covered:

  • Categories of nutrients and their importance to the human body
  • Effects that storage has on the nutritional values of foods
  • Effects that different preparation techniques have on the nutritional value of foods
  • Use of ingredient substitutes as well as healthy alternatives in cooking
  • How nutritional foods and a balanced diet sustain your health
  • How to provide diners with nutritious foods

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About Egyptian Chefs Association

The Egypt Young Chefs Club (EYCC) is the youth arm of the Egyptian Chefs Association. Their organization nurtures youthful talent in the food and beverages field and is reputed for its distinctive mission, excellent culinary standards and dedication to promoting continuous improvement in the profession. They aspire to build a community where young professionals will enjoy an open society in which information exchange and networking are the hallmarks of its mission.

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