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  • Duration / Course length: 90 Days Start now
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course details

IELTStestONLINE MASTER Membership includes:
  • 90 days unlimited access to the complete preparation package (you can choose either Academic or General Training)
  • 10 complete writing tests assessed by your support tutor corrections, comments for improvement and approximate band score
  • 2 live speaking assessments (20 minutes each) and feedback sessions (15 minutes each)
  • 15 full IELTS practice tests 
  • Over 100 lessons in 10 easy to follow units covering ALL aspects of IELTS 
  • Over 400 learning videos with full narration 
  • Dedicated support tutor 
  • 7 eBooks (over 800 pages) eBook to download and keep (includes audio files!)
You will be able to enrol in either the Academic Module course or the General Training Module course. Both courses include lessons on EVERY question type used in the IELTS listening and readings tests, as well as lessons, videos and practice exercises.

The lessons are divided into 10 easy to follow units so you have a clear path to follow when studying, and of course you can ask questions and get answers from your support tutor.

The Lessons

MASTER Membership allows for 90 day access to the complete online course, with lessons on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each lesson begins with some essential with pre-lesson vocabulary and includes video presentations, exercises and end of lesson tests. All of our resources are built around our 3Step learning system to help you improve your result. There are over 350 training videos in the lessons, as well as complete end of lesson tests to make sure you have understood each lesson.

The practice tests with free writing assessment

MASTER Membership includes 15 complete practice tests (that's 15 reading tests, 15 writing tests, 15 speaking tests and 15 listening tests). The reading and listening tests are automatically graded once you submit your answers and an estimated band score is given. MASTER Membership also includes 2 live speaking assessments, as well as writing assessment - your support tutor will grade and make comments on 10 complete writing practice tests (that's 10 x Task 1 and 10 x Task 2), so you have a clear idea of your current level and what you need to do to further improve.

The eBook

Also included in your membership are the 7 Ultimate IELTS eBooks (over 800 pages) with downloadable audio files. The eBook has practice tests, tips and hints, and a full answer key. The eBook is yours to keep when your enrolment has finished. Written completely by us at IELTStestONLINE, the eBook is a great way to study offline! Updated on 18 June, 2019

About IELTS Test Online

Complete IELTS courses for the Academic Module and the General Training Module. 

Expert teachers from the UK – all of our teachers are native English speakers (originally from the UK) with over 15 years experience in IELTS. We have had 4 IELTS textbooks published by Pearson Education (The IELTS High Impact Series published by Pearson Education)
Covers ALL skills & more

To get a good result in your IELTS test, you need lots of practice and a strong foundation in English – that’s why our course includes lessons on ALL aspects of IELTS, as well as grammar, tenses, punctuation, vocabulary and much more.

15 complete practice tests

As you work through the course, you will be able to test your skills by taking 15 complete practice tests. Instant band score converters for the reading and listening tests, and model answers for writing and speaking, so you can see your progress.

A 94.2% success rate!

Using our unique 3Step learning programme, as well as supporting students as they study, we are very proud to say that we have achieved success rate of over 94%! Our success rate is based on candidates increasing their band score by at least one band. See all IELTS Test Online courses

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