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  • Duration: 6 Hours

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This program aims at introducing the participants to the fundamental concepts of comprehensive banking compliance. Moreover, they are introduced to the main components and policies defining the system. They, also, get acquainted with a number of detailed implementation procedures, which aim at fulfilling the main guidelines; using some practical examples.

Course Objectives:

  • Define the broad concepts of comprehensive banking compliance
  • List the methods of policies and procedures’ design to comply with national and international laws, instructions and recommendations
  • Identify the relationship among the internal control departments (compliance, risks, internal audit)
  • Define the fundamental concepts of information security and data-secure cash payments
  • Explain the risks of using ATMs, automatic control systems of currency counterfeiting and Nigerian Fraud

Course Outline:

Module 1: The Comprehensive Concept of Banking Compliance

  • Meaning and importance of compliance in the banking system
  • Why and to how should we comply? The risks of non-compliance
  • The qualifications of compliance officers
  • National and international laws, instructions and recommendations
  • Internal and external assessments of compliance functions

Module 2: Methods of Designing Policies and Procedures

  • The plan of compliance and its implementation
  • Higher committees (forming and roles)
  • The concepts of continuing business plans
  • The concepts of business plans in times of crisis

Module 3: The Relationship among Internal Control Departments

  • The functions of internal control departments
  • The functions of compliance department
  • The functions of risks department
  • The relationships among internal control departments
  • Career code of conduct

Module 4: Information Security

  • Fundamental concepts about information security
  • The main standards of securing cash payments

Module 5: Combating Banknotes Counterfeit, ATMs and Nigerian Fraud

  • Introduce one of the automatic systems of combating banknotes counterfeit
  • The risks of using ATMs and the methods of covering those risks
  • The origin, development and methods of Nigerian fraud

Assessment Strategy:

Participants will be assessed based on their participation and feedback during the

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