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  • Duration: 24 Days
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    • New ME Breath & Bodywork and Strategic Empowerment Skills

    New Me Breath and Bodywork is a unique and powerful collection of techniques that incorporates connected breathing similar to rebirthing along with hands on body manipulation, and carefully designed coaching strategies.

    This approach allows one to understand and gain a first hand experience of the deep interconnectedness between mind-breath-body-emotions.

    This process allows the practitioner to diagnose and reveal amazing insight into the mental thought process of an inpidual with just a few minutes of observing their breath.

    The New ME curriculum allows the facilitator to guide the client to gently release emotional blocks stored in the body through breathing and body manipulation through meridian points.

    Designed by founder J.D. Thomas, the New Me curriculum is a combined integrated approach after years of studying and working within various fields he combines his expertise in rebirthing, team leadership & coaching along with being a professional athlete with extensive research and study on the bodies somatic intelligence.

    This powerful and experiential process engages the key components of human potential and has the benefit of accessing what could be called the “inner coach”.

    Qualification :

    • No experience necessary to begin trainings

    Course Curriculum:

    • Foundation Event: New ME Now
    • Contribution Now Event
    • Contribution Advanced Event
    • Strategies Training 
    • Advanced Strategies Training 
    • New ME Leadership Training – Optional Training for those wanting to be efficient trainers for leading groups
    • Certification qualifications include working as part of facilitator and staff for one full event of in length. Two weekend events also will fulfill this requirement.

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    Experience A NEW ME Breath and Bodywork Session!

    • How often do we feel like it is time for change? We all desire to become a new version of ourselves, but too many things stand in our way. New ME is about manifesting unlimited opportunities through accessing our inner resources. It is about learning and conditioning efficient life behaviors, thought patterns, breathing practices, and ways of being.
    • New ME has years of studies in the art of human potential and quick shift techniques which can be harnessed by anyone! The perspective of New ME is that we al have the capacity to live the life we dream of, and to make this happen, very little external change is required. Get ready for this experience! Enjoy a full facilitated and guided breath and bodywork session that will take you inside to experience a new you!

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    About Illuminations Training Academy

    Having widely contributed towards self-development initiatives in the U.A.E since 2007, Illuminations is popularly considered to be Dubai’s pioneer holistic healing and theyll-being center.
    At Illuminations, they inspire inpiduals from all walks of life to take charge of their life and expand beyond their established boundaries to create their own desired reality.
    Ytheir mind, body and energy are intangibly connected and profoundly influence every aspect of ytheir daily life – health, theyalth, relationships and energy connection.
    In today’s fast paced society, they get deeply entangled in the trivialities of daily life and often forget to notice the negative patterns they form in order to deal with the ever-increasing stress.
    At Illuminations, they help you break away from the self-imposed limitations that are seeded in ytheir inner self due to the challenges and adversities experienced in the past.
    Through various self-development and transformative practices based on the holistic approach, their services are designed to maximize one’s inner potential and realize the greatness of who you genuinely are!
    they invite you to embark on an illuminating jtheirney of self-discovery to unearth the treasure of everlasting happiness that is present within! 
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