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This insightful workshop is aimed at improving sales relationships to increase the bottom line using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. You will be introduced to the subtle and effective world of NLP and will learn how to adapt your existing abilities and skills.

By employing NLP in sales, you will be able to introduce imaginative ways to develop creative business solutions to move your customers and relationships forward.

Is it right for me?

For experienced sales professionals interested in new concepts, skills and tools to enhance their development.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and employ the core principles of NLP.
  • Use NLP theories to explore new skills to improve sales success rates.
  • Demonstrate the habit of outcome thinking for dynamic sales results.
  • Speak to people in a way that mirrors their motivation.
  • Discover a new way to build rapport and lower defence barriers.
  • Use subtle techniques to tap into new ways of questioning and listening.
  • Remove barriers to progress and close.

What will it cover?

NLP and the sales process

  • Core principles of NLP and how to adapt them into your sales process
  • Using NLP theories to explore new skill sets that can improve sales success rates
  • Exploring perceptual positions that can lower customer defence barriers What a sales process can look like using new ways of thinking

Focusing on Motivational Outcomes

  • Develop the habit of outcome thinking for dynamic sales results
  • Learn the steps to agreeing motivational outcomes for yourself
  • Using belief systems to bolster your frame of mind

Gauge Customer’s Motivation through the Art of Specific Questioning

  • Discover a new way to build rapport and lower defence barriers
  • Using subtle techniques to tap into new ways of questioning and listening
  • Uncover unconscious motivators in yourself and your customers
  • Speak to people in a way that mirrors their motivation

Take the Right Approach

  • Ask questions which reveal the way your customers buy
  • Adapt your approach to make the sale fit your customer

Remove Barriers to Progress & Close

  • Discover how to frame persuasive interventions
  • Using perceptual positions to avoid conflict
  • Overcome objections and blocks to buying
  • Assessing eye cues to check readiness to close

Personal Development

  • Develop and take away your own NLP approach to sales.

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