Today's professionals must possess a solid foundation in networking concepts and practices to streamline enterprise operations and maintain a competitive edge. This course provides you with a working knowledge of IP addressing, TCP/IP operation, LAN solutions, Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, wireless network options, security elements, enterprise internetworking and modern hardware.

Course Objectives:

  • Apply fundamental network concepts, terminology and solutions
  • Implement networks using data links and physical media
  • Deploy Local Area Networks (LANs) using Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Build reliable internetworks and intranets using effective TCP/IP design
  • Enhance network security using industry-standard solutions and practices
  • Evaluate and select leading-edge enterprise network technologies

Course Outlines:

A series of intensive group workshops include:

  • Estimating user and department bandwidth requirements
  • Designing campus network cabling
  • Analyzing the frame and packet flow for TCP/IP LANs
  • Deploying wired and wireless hosts
  • Scaling and selecting Ethernet LAN components
  • Assigning IPs and designing subnets

Live, instructor-led demonstrations include:

  • Dissecting packet structure with Wireshark
  • Monitoring and connecting to Ethernet and Wi-Fi LANs
  • Configuring TCP/IP on hosts and routers

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