Negotiation Skills in Concluding Contracts and Agreements Institute of Banking Studies
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Objectives :

  • Familiarize participants with the legal provisions of the contract and the legal system and the statement of his forms and his staff and raised and documented, with lighting on electronic contracts and compare them with contracts written as well as oral.
  • Familiarize participants with images of breach of contract for failure to perform a hand or implemented in the form of defective / non-legal and legal protection to the parties in the event of breach of implementation.
  • Introduce participants to the concept of negotiating with the statement characteristics, types and forms with an explanation of the behavior of negotiators.
  • An explanation of the pre-contract in terms of willingness to enter this stage, processing and preparation on the basis of the choice of negotiators and provide them with the elements of the subject of negotiation and how to meet negotiators and an explanation of the stages experienced by the negotiation process with a statement to describe the negotiators successful and the requirements of success in reaching the conclusion of the contract.

Contents :

  • The general rules of the contract: definition of contract, the legal system of the contract, the types of contracts, the pillars of the contract, Anbram decade.
  • The effects of the contract: the obligations of parties to the contract, the binding force of the contract, the relative effects of the contract, the legal documentation of the contract, the official contracts, contracts customary, innovative cases of contracts, electronic contracts, LOCATION authentication, electronic signature.
  • Execution of the contract: The breach in the implementation, Photos prejudice in implementation, lack of implementation, partial implementation, implementation defective, Aleghanoah protection of the contract, civil protection, responsibility Streptococcus, tort.
  • Negotiation of the contract earlier stage: the concept and definition of negotiation, specific points to negotiate, negotiate characteristics, principles of negotiation, types of negotiation, negotiation images, the behavior of negotiators.
  • Pre-contract: prepare to enter the pre-contract, processing and preparation, choice of negotiators and the distribution of tasks, provide negotiators elements of the subject of negotiation, identify themes / agenda, the stages of negotiation, Main Stage and the start of negotiations, curriculum available to enter into negotiations, stages of bargaining, plans and methods of negotiations, to reach the conclusion of the contract, the successful conclusion of the contract, the requirements for success.

About Institute of Banking Studies

The Central Bank of Jordan began in 1965 to study the necessary means of setting up a team for theoretical and practical training aimed at promoting human cadres of the banking and financial sector and study its employees needs and satisfy their desires to advance their scientific and practical abilities . These efforts culminated in the creation of the Institute of Banking Studies in accordance with Article (37) Paragraph (d) of the Central Bank of Jordan Law and in accordance with the Institute,s Articles of Association No. (69) issued on 1970. The Institute   was   officially   inaugurated on   October 9, 1971 and was housed then at the Central Bank,s premises.

In the early 1990,s , the  Institute  witnessed a new stage ; the construction of the Institute,s permanent   headquarter   in  Tla,a  Al  Ali ,  a suburb of the capital  Amman . The complex was constructed on an eight dunums plot of land and comprised of administration units, academic and training activities halls, library, laboratories, cafeteria, health clinic and a multipurpose hall. Also , the Institute has two branches, one in Irbid and the other in Aqaba.  The purpose of  these  branches is to widen the distribution of academic and training activities conducted  by the Institute to cover the various regions of the Kingdom.

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