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Negotiating skills are crucial to business success and are an important part of most managers’ professional lives. Like most other skills, the ability to perform in negotiations is determined by some combination of natural ability, experience and formal training. Yet most managers have received little or no negotiation training.

This course provides an intensive, two-day introduction to negotiation analysis and practice. We use negotiation simulations, case studies and group discussion to highlight practical applications of the issues discussed. By the end of the course, participants will have a conceptual framework which will help them turn their own negotiating experience into expertise.

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to anyone whose work involves negotiating with others. Those who seek to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own negotiation style and strategic habits, improve their own negotiation performance and enhance the quality of their negotiated settlements will benefit from this course.

How will it benefit you?

  • Gain a more sophisticated understanding of the importance of strategic flexibility in negotiations
  • Recognize the importance of contingency agreements in the creation of more profitable and sustainable outcomes
  • Understand the psychological dynamics of various negotiation tactics
  • Acquire insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your own negotiation style
  • Learn to recognize and deal with persuasion and manipulation attempts

Course outline

Day 1

  • Foundations and concepts
  • Negotiation preparation
  • Negotiation conduct
  • Distributive vs integrative negotiation
  • Leaving money on the table
  • Construction of value through the creation of contingency agreement
  • Strategic flexibility
  • Negotiation styles
  • Strategic dispositions: interests, rights and power
  • Emotional dispositions: strengths and weaknesses
  • Complications
  • Time pressures
  • Team and multiparty negotiations
  • Breakdown and creation of trust
  • Game theory and strategic interactions

Day 2

  • Changing the nature of the game
  • Threats, promises and other unilateral moves
  • Dilemmas and other traps
  • Psychology of judgments and decision making in negotiations
  • Heuristics and biases
  • Prospect theory
  • Persuasion and manipulation

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