Negotiating the Forward Journey Harvest Consultancy

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You will learn to:

  • Manage the process of negotiating
  • Realize Common negotiation mistakes & syndromes/main symptoms and treatment
  • Use the most effective negotiating tactics/ Rules & principles/implications
  • Setting bargaining objectives
  • Provide opportunities to practice certain win-win techniques
  • Negotiate with confidence
  • Identify negotiation style I will adopt 
  • Know your negotiation style
  • Identifying body languages as well as gambits for negotiation
  • Practicing the above skills and information in ,group works ,games & simulations

By focusing on:

  • Effective planning and strategy for any negotiation 
  • When to and when not to negotiate 
  • Becoming more persuasive 
  • Building credibility, good will and winning solutions for both parties.
  • Bargaining range ZOPA
  • Identify Batna
  • Developing strategy/support arguments & positions
  • Generate movement /safe face
  • Pulling information from the other parties 
  • Reaching agreements and resolving conflicts
  • Turning negotiation problems into opportunities
  • Avoiding biases
  • Opening Negotiation
  • Five functions of question in negotiation
  • Adopting strategy/ building the tactics
  • Getting and making concessions
  • Breaking deadlocks
  • Capitalizing on counter-arguments and objections

Who Should Attend?

Senior MRs,sales Reps who be involved negotiations as an integral part of their job duties, purchasing professionals, sales, marketing and , project managers, team leaders,product specialists and financial managers.

About Harvest Consultancy

They are a regional established certified LTD company Main office in Cairo, expanding its services to the ME countries. They are Currently in the process of Establishing our new office in the United States. 

Our activities are focused in 8 main directions: 

  1. Learning and Development. 
  2. Harvest Business Academy "HBA". 
  3. Recruitment and Interviewing Process. 
  4. Harvest Center for Performance Assessment. 
  5. HR, Marketing and Management Consultancy. 
  6. Loyalty Programs. 
  7. Societal activities Harvest Scholarships etc...
  8. Data Integration

In addition to our main activities They are working in: 

  • Marketing of pharmaceutical and Para-pharmaceutical products. 
  • Integrated Marketing Services (Designs, promotional materials printing, Theyb design, event management, gimmicks etc…in collaboration with Infinity Group. 
  • Vocational and technical pharmaceutical & medical issues (New expansion). 
  • Data integration through virtualization and automation
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