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  • Locations: Dubai
  • Duration: 2 Days

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Whether you are a natural salesperson with years of experience under your belt, or a young salesperson hungry for the chance to leave a mark, you can benefit from the chance to re-focus, re-energize and refine your selling techniques and strategies. In this increasingly competitive marketplace, we always need an edge to position our value proposition more effectively and to gain the sale whilst maintaining our margin. The 'Art of Sales' training is a practical course designed to provide delegates with proven techniques and strategies to help them in their selling roles. This training looks at the sales process itself and the key selling skills of prospecting, establishing interest, building the customer relationship, presenting matching benefits and negotiation 8t closing techniques. This training provides a realistic and relevant approach to selling and is designed to be comprehensive, highly interactive and fun. However, along with proven selling techniques and strategies, this training stresses the importance of emotional intelligence, empathy, communication skills, rapport building, and other essential people skills. The incorporation of these important people skills in the sales process ensures not only successful sales, but also long-term customer relationships that are based on trust, loyalty and positivity.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Understand the importance of ’interpersonal skills' as an integral part of the sales process.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and ability to use "Structured Questioning" techniques.
  • Understand the psychology of customer needs.
  • Demonstrate techniques for overcoming customers' objections and misunderstandings.
  • Gain an understanding of and the ability to use proven Closing Techniques

Course Outline

Essential Traits of Successful Sales People

First: Attitude

The Importance Of Personal Development as a Sales Professional 

  • Rewards of Personal Development

SMART Goals: Mission Statement and Goal Setting

  • How to Implement Personal Goals and Measure Results

Internal Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself Every Day

Organization and Time Management

Balance of Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical

The Power of the Subconscious

Focus and Persistence


Communication Skills

Rapport: The Foundation of Communication

Active Listening

Different Types of Customers

The Sales Pipeline

  • Prospecting and Lead Generation 
  • Dealing with Fear in Sales 
  • Qualifying, Probing Questions and Scripting 
  • Pre Approaeh/Needs Analysis
  • Uncovering the Need-SPIN Questions Technique 
  • Presentation and Demonstration 
  • Presentations that Focus on Benefits 
  • Objection Handling 
  • Closing that is Automatic 
  • The Art of Negotiations 
  • Follow-Up

How to Add Value to a Customer 

Relationship Building and Trust

Course Location

About Etisalat Academy

We_They is the largest single-source business and telecom training solutions provider in the Middle East. For 30 years we have been providing training consultancy and human capital development services to telecoms, government agencies, oil & gas companies, financial institutions and organizations across all industries and business sectors.

We provide training and development programs ranging from cutting-edge technology courses in 3G, WiMAX, VoIP or IPTV, to career-changing leadership masterclasses, strategy workshops and business management seminars.

Based in the UAE and operating a 1.2 Million square feet training facility in Dubai, our partner network spans two continents and delivers world class training solutions to customers in over 28 countries in GCC and MENA regions.

We help organisations to:

  • Develop effective leaders, managers and team members
  • Discover and overcome competency gaps
  • Measure and improve performance
  • Build teams and improve communication
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Build a knowledge culture
  • Create an organisation-wide competency framework
  • Stay competitive by using cutting-edge technology
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