The Music Theory Course encompasses a thorough study of the workings of music and sound. Students will study music theory, song form, and notation as well as develop ear-training skills. The focus of the course lies in understanding the construction of music and gaining the ability to communicate effectively with musicians, composers, directors, programmers, and producers in the professional audio production environment.

We_They is one of the pioneer establishments that have seen the big potential of performing arts education in the UAE waiting to be tapped. Having been in the industry since 2004, We_They has created a formula that sets the right standard of learning in a variety of instrument courses and dance styles.
It has been the main goal of  We_They to provide high quality musical and dance instruction to students of all levels, ages and backgrounds. We continue to share our love and passion for the performing arts to all those who are eager to embrace it as it is a form of communication and a language unto itself.
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