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The Murabahah and its Applications course provides an in-depth understanding on the contract of Murabahah. It also presents a detailed explanation on the many aspects of the original Murabahah contract; covering it’s principles, legal foundations, and variations. The course makes use of cases that utilise sample contracts to further explain to participants the concepts of Murabahah.


Upon the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Review  the history of Islamic banking and the current Islamic banking and finance landscape
  • Discuss the key principles of Islamic banking, referencing the sources of Islamic law, and then specifically relating it with the contract of murabahah
  • Describe the essential rules of murabahah and explain how it is applied to the modern products of Islamic banking
  • Distinguish and evaluate the key differences between murabahah based  financing and other types of financing products used in both conventional banking and Islamic banking
  • Discuss and argue the contemporary issues related to the current practice of murabaha financing
  • Explain the key points of AAOIFI Shariah standards No. 8 and FAS No. 2 on Murabahah and apply the latter in solving accounting related questions.

Target Audience:

  • This course is for any inpidual who would like to gain a more in-depth understanding in the specific contract of Murabahah and how it is applied in the current Islamic banking products. More specifically, it is for inpiduals who deal directly with Murabahah based products.

Course Structure

  • The course is conducted via a combination of lectures; case studies; role plays; and videos, where applicable.

Program Contents:

  • A historical perspective to buying and selling contracts
  • A review on the history of Islamic banking and its current financial landscape
  • Key principles and rules of the Islamic nominate contract of Murabahah
  • A discussion on the products of Murabahah in Islamic banking: Murabahah to the purchase order with obligation, Murabah to the purchase order without obligation, reverse Murabahah, commodity Murabahah, bai’ Al Inah, and Tawarruq, Murabahah for imported goods, Murabahah in  trade finance
  • Murabahah to the purchase orderer under AAOIFI Shariah standards No. 8
  • Tawarruq (monetisation) under AAOFI Shariah standards No. 30
  • Accounting for Murabahah transactions under AAOIFI FAS No.2
  • Case studies related to Murabahah contract analysis

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