MSc Marine Biology (Integrated Masters) American Education Center
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  • Locations: Lebanon
  • Duration: 4 Years

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Integrated Masters in marine Biology enables you to achieve a postgraduate level qualification. Our course provides an ideal basis for careers where research and independent project management are required, including progression to a PhD.

Why study this subject?

Are you intrigued with the incredible variety of organisms that inhabit our planet? Have you wondered about their origin and how they have evolved? Can we manage the capacity of our global-life support system to continue sustaining a rapidly increasing human population? Can we reverse the destruction and erosion that threaten the world’s most productive soils? What lies ahead for the future of genetic engineering? Why do cells divide, and how do tissues age? What are clones and transgenic animals? And, perhaps the most alluring challenge of all, how does the human brain function to articulate, comprehend and pursue these problems?

Biology is the scientific exploration of the vast and diverse world of living organisms; an exploration that has expanded enormously within the last four decades revealing a wealth of knowledge about ourselves and about the millions of other organisms with whom we share this planet Earth. Today, biological research, worldwide, spans an almost infinite spectrum of studies from molecules to landscapes.

The study of biology has an immediate relevance to our daily lives. It is important for everyone to develop an informed sense of how we may individually and collectively continue to fit into the complex ecology of our planet without rendering horrendous destruction. Some of the greatest engineering feats of the future are likely to involve bioengineering projects, particularly concerning the disposal of municipal and industrial wastes and the development of renewable resources.

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