MSA - Modern Standard Arabic (Fus ha) Arabic Studies Academy
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  • Locations: Zamalek
  • Duration: 40 Hours

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MSA, also known as Fus'ha, is the main formal literary standard throughout North Africa and the Middle East, it’s used approximately by 208 million Arabs, and one the official six languages of the United Nations, MSA is the language used in printed books, literature, magazines, newsletters, official documents, newspapers, formal broadcast programs and children matters. It’s a living language that Educated Arabic speakers use it to communicate in formal situations across the entire Arab world.

Benefits of learning MSA

  • MSA is a modern version of Classical Arabic language; the root of all Arab dialects and the language of the holy Quran, so if you understand MSA you can communicate with any educated Arab despite his local dialect. MSA graduated student is also able to read and listen to any formal Arab media literature and business matters across the Arab world.

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About Arabic Studies Academy

We_They (ASA) is affiliated to The DAAD's Language Associationجمعية حماية لغة الضاد, an NGO based in Cairo, Egypt with the sole purpose of promoting the Arabic language all over the world.

We_They (ASA) is a private institution founded in Jan, 2008 by a group of professional Arabic language academians who have great experience in teaching Arabic language to non-native speaker.

Since its foundation, We_They has provided Arabic language students from 15 different countries with the proficiency of Arabic language they strived for to reach their goals, serving inpiduals, Embassies and Universities.

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