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MOS: Word 2010 Expert

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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Module One: Sharing and Maintaining Documents

  • Configure Word options: changing default program, spelling, and grammar checking options.
  • Apply protection to a document: restricting editing and applying controls or restrictions to document access.
  • Apply a template to a document: modifying an existing template, creating a new template, applying a template to an existing document, and managing templates by using the Organizer.

Module Two: Formatting Content

  • Apply advanced font and paragraph attributes: using character attributes and character-specific styles.
  • Create tables and charts: inserting tables by using Microsoft Excel data in tables, applying formulas or calculations on a table, modifying chart data, saving a chart as a template, and using the chart Layout tab.
  • Construct reusable content in a document: creating customized building blocks, saving a selection as a quick part, saving quick parts after a document is saved, inserting text as a quick part, and adding content to a header or footer.
  • Link sections: linking text boxes, breaking links between text boxes, and linking different sections.

Module Three: Tracking and Referencing Documents

  • Review, compare, and combine documents: applying tracking, merging different versions of a document, tracking changes in a combined document, and reviewing comments in a combined document.
  • Create a reference page: adding citations, managing sources, compiling a bibliography, and applying cross references.
  • Create a Table of Authorities in a document: applying default formats, adjusting alignment, applying a tab leader, modifying styles, marking citations, and using passim (short form).
  • Create an index in a document: specifying index type, columns, and language, modifying an index, and marking index entries.

Module Four: Performing Mail Merge Operations

  • Execute Mail Merge: merging rules and sending personalized email messages to multiple recipients.
  • Create a Mail Merge by using other data sources: using Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, or Word tables as data source for a mail merge operation.
  • Create labels and forms: preparing data and creating mailing labels, envelope forms, and label forms.

Module Five: Managing Macros and Forms

  • Apply and manipulate macros: recording a macro, running a macro, and applying macro security
  • Apply and manipulate macro options: running macros when a document is opened, running macros when a button is clicked, assigning a macro to a command button, and creating a custom macro button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Create forms: using the Controls group, adding Help content to form fields, linking a form to a database, and locking a form.
  • Manipulate forms: unlocking a form, adding fields to a form, and removing fields from a form.

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