MOS: Access 2010 CTC Academy

MOS: Access 2010

CTC Academy

Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Module One:

Managing the Access Environment

  • Introducing basic database concepts.
  • Create and manage a database: using Save Object As, Open, Save and Publish, Compact & Repair Database, and Encrypt with Password commands, creating a database from a template, and setting Access options.
  • Configure the Navigation Pane: renaming objects, deleting objects, and setting Navigation options.
  • Apply Application Parts: using Blank Forms, Quick Start, and user templates.

Module Two: Building Tables

  • Create tables: creating tables in Design View.
  • Create and modify fields: inserting a field, deleting a field, renaming a field, Hide or Unhide fields, Freeze or Unfreeze fields, modifying data types, modifying the field description, and modifying field properties.
  • Sort and filter records: using Find, Sort, and Filter commands.
  • Set relationships: defining Primary Keys, using Primary Keys to create Relationships, and editing Relationships.
  • Import data from a single data file: importing source data into a new table, appending records to an existing table, and importing data as a linked table.

Module Three: Building Forms

  • Create forms: using the Form Wizard, creating a Blank Form, using Form Design Tools, and creating Navigation forms.
  • Apply Form Design Tab options: using the Themes, Controls, Header/Footer, and Tools groups.
  • Apply Form Arrange Tab options: using the Table, Move, and Position groups.
  • Apply Form Format Tab options: using the Background and Control Formatting groups.

Module Four: Creating and Managing Queries

  • Construct queries: using Select, Make Table, Append, and Crosstab query types.
  • Manage source tables and relationships: using the Show Table and Remove Table commands, and creating ad hoc relationships.
  • Manipulate fields: adding, removing, and rearranging fields, and using Sort and Show options.
  • Calculate totals: using the Total row and using Group By.
  • Generate calculated fields: performing calculations, using the Zoom box, and using Expression Builder.

Module Five: Designing Reports

  • Create reports: creating a Blank Report, using Report Design Tools, and using the Report Wizard.
  • Apply Report Design Tab options: using the Themes, Grouping & Totals, Controls, Header/Footer, and Tools groups.
  • Apply Report Arrange Tab options: using the Table, Move, Position, and Sizing & Ordering groups.
  • Apply Report Format Tab options: adding color, background images, and conditional formatting.
  • Apply Report Page Setup Tab options: using the Page Size andPage Layout groups.
  • Sort and filter records for reporting: using the Find, Sort, and Filter commands, and using view types.

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We_They Academy | Authorized Training Center: We_They Academy is an Egyptian company established in 1999 in Cairo-Egypt.

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