Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) Level 5 Kalimat Language & Culture Center
Price: EGP 2,640
  • Locations: Dokki
  • Duration: 48 Hours

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Modern Standard Arabic Level 5: This level aims to develop effective reading strategies to enable students to handle authentic texts with the help of word lists or the dictionary. Skimming and scanning for information, guessing words in context with the aid of one's knowledge of grammar, syntax, morphology in addition to the back ground knowledge of the topic form an essential part of this process.

The program is topically oriented to encourage the retaining of vocabulary and to try to build up the reservoir of vocabulary in an effective way. By the end of this level students should be able to understand 60% of a medium length article on a familiar topic. They should also be able to produce simple sentences containing conjunctions and embedded clauses. As for their listening skills, students should be able to understand the gist of short, straightforward audio materials.

Course Contents for MSA Level 5:

Grammar & Morphology:

  • Revision of the MSA 
  • IIImperative of the all types with further drilling for regular roots only
  • Uses of 1) j;Ia
  • Passive sentences: converting <4 into passive sentences
  • With all verb types
  • Connectors:

Topics and Literature MSA 5

  • Literature 
  • Biographies
  • Short items (Meetings, conferences, statements ...etc.)
  • Archeology

Course Location

About Kalimat Language & Culture Center

Our goal is to create a learning environment that is:

  • Authentic, supportive, cooperative, building on the students’ own knowledge and interests. Students can identify their own needs and goals and construct their own knowledge through creativity and inquiry.
  • Engaging and interesting, where students learn through speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Enjoyable and interactive.

Students in Kalimat will learn how to:

  • Interact with each other and native speakers.
  • Assume ownership of their learning.
  • Participate successfully in a warm social environment.
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