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Modern Spoken Arabic is the day to day spoken language in the region. With the communicative approach, and focus on small classes, students can progress through the levels, accomplish everyday tasks, chat with arab nationals and even exchange opinions on current issues with native speakers. The course is tailored to serve function rather than structure, as well as practicing different language skills.

Since the idea is to make a trainee speak only what is essential for his daily intercourse with people speaking Arabic, the course eliminates the need for transliteration, classical grammar or the Arabic script, which is included for those familiar with it. The natural way to learn pronunciation is employed where voice modulation is taught. The course also gives due consideration to the challenges faced by beginners.

The course covers business, marketing, banks, social routines, health, hotels, taxis, post office, weather, appointments, airport & customs, traffic, immigration, municipality, telephone, greetings and habits and more. All this is supported with some useful idioms and everyday expressions.

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Eminent Institute brings individual real learning for real results. Their experiential learning methodology is designed is bring the students a dynamic learning experience

All  courses provided by Eminent Educational Institute are designed and delivered by practicing professionals who bring a high degree of practical relevance to the course.

Enriched with real life case studies all the course content is regularly updated with latest developments, changes in laws, and notifications.

In today's ever evolving and competitive environment the institute strives to empower students with knowledge that takes them beyond best practice to becoming a value added contributor to developing innovative new practices.

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