Mini MBA for Procurement Professionals Purchasing and Procurement Center
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  • Locations: Dubai
  • Duration: 10 Days
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    In today’s climate of economic turmoil, price volatility and
    market uncertainty, and with globalism making our lives more
    interconnected and complicated, it is increasingly necessary
    for companies to identify and develop managers with a broad
    understanding of the issues facing the international Purchasing
    & Procurement industry and with the skills necessary to
    manage effectively over a wide range of responsibilities. This
    program is designed to provide managers with the necessary
    skills and knowledge and to prepare them for more senior
    responsibilities within their organizations.


    • This training session will be of interest to Director, General Managers, Managers of Purchasing or Procurement. 
    • It will also be useful for those Buyers who aspire to more senior responsibilities within their organizations 
    • It will also be useful to other buyers and those employees responsible for successful support of the related functions, quality management and cost and schedule control.


    • Gain a broad understanding of Purchasing & Procurement and the companies that make up this industry 
    • Learn about the important issues facing our industry and strategies used to address these issues 
    • Gain specific skills in strategic planning, setting goals, budgeting and finance 
    • Learn the characteristics of an effective leader and understand how leaders motivate, delegate and inspire 
    • Understand how projects are organized and managed 
    • Understand the management and allocation of resources (money, time, people, tools and technology) 
    • Gain skills in managing direct vs. indirect costs 
    • Deal with Purchasing & Procurement risks through finance and selection strategies 
    • Make effective management decisions using deterministic and probabilistic models 
    • Compare international Purchasing & Procurement systems 
    • Learn how to work with and understand various methods of dispute resolution

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