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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Speaking the the language of business and understanding the broader financial and strategic context enables participants to build bridges between different functions and makes them more

Effective in their roles.

What will I be able to do after Participating?

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Understand how successful businesses are run from an all-round perspective: financial, strategic and marketing.
  • Develop insights into how managers can effectively lead people and align teams to execute the strategy of their company.
  • Enrich your job and your career by gaining tools and frameworks to think more strategically, thereby improving your decision-making both in your current and future job roles.

Program Overview

The MSU/MDI Mini-MBA: Business Essentials program offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in todays challenging business environment. The program features focused learning experiences and case studies centered on vital subject areas. The Mini-MBA provides insights into business strategy and an understanding of how different organizational functions and management practices work together to provide a framework for achieving competitive advantage. By examining and discussing the case studies, participants will learn how organizational units interact to support corporate strategy and the different ways business can adapt to constant change. Group learning and networking opportunities enhance sharing of different points of view and ways of thinking.


PART 1: Looking at the Business Environment.

  • CH1: Business Basics
  • CH2: Economics and Banking
  • CH3: Ethics in Business
  • CH4: Business in a Global Economy

PART 2: Starting and structuring a Business.

  • CH5: Small Businesses and the Entrepreneur
  • CH6: Forms of Business Ownership

PART 3: Managing a Business and Employees.

  • CH7: Business Management and Organization
  • CH8: Motivation, Leadership, and Teamwork
  • CH9: Human Resource Management 
  • CH10: Business Technology 
  • CH11: Production and Operations Management 

PART 4: Principles of Marketing.

  • CH12: Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  • CH13: Product Development and Pricing Strategies
  • CH14: Promotion and Distribution

PART 5: Principles of Finance.

  • CH15: Financing and Tracking Business Operations
  • CH16: Securities and Investments

About MERL Egypt

MERL is a leading international provider of training and consultancy.

We are committed to increasing your competitive edge through the provision of excellent management training and skills

development programs.

Our experience and professional consulting strengths include an extensive knowledge of private industry, business and government enterprises.

Our unique facilitative approach takes into account cultural and organizational systems to enable superior results..

In the world of today, it is not simply a case of having necessary professional skills; people must develop interpersonal skills alongside their ability

to handle the changes brought about by technological progress.

MERL aims to make a difference.

The need for leading-edge training has never been as important; it is the basis upon which performance can be measured in an increasingly competitive market place.

MERL is a training and consulting company dedicated to increasing our clients competitive edge through the improved performance of their human and capital assets. We aspire to make significant and lasting improvements in our clients strategic focus and business performance.

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