Microsoft PowerPoint Egyptian Banking Institute

Participants will acquire the basic knowledge and skills needed to create presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint®.

Course Objectives:

  • Customize the Microsoft PowerPoint® interface environment.
  • Customize a design template in Microsoft PowerPoint®.
  • Add visual content features to a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.
  • Add special effects to a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.
  • Customize slide show presentations.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Customizing the MicrosoftPowerPoint® Environment

  • The user interface and the ribbon
  • Customization of the Quick Access toolbar
  • Personalizing the Microsoft PowerPoint® interface
  • Customizing save options
  • Creation of new presentations

Module 2: Customizing a Design Template

  • Customization and set-up of a slide master
  • Adding elements to slide masters
  • Customization of slide layouts
  • Creation of custom themes
  • Adding common slide information
  • Modifying the notes master
  • Modifying the handout master
  • Creation and modification of presentation elements

Module 3: Working with Visual Content

  • Creation of SmartArt™ diagrams
  • Modification of SmartArt™ diagrams
  • Insertion and modification of charts
  • Insertion and modification of tables

Module 4: Adding Special Effects to Presentations

  • Applying, customizing, modifying and removing animations
  • Adding multimedia elements
  • Customizing slide transitions

Module 5: Customizing a Slide Show Presentation

  • Set-up of a custom show
  • Creation of a presenter-independent slide show
  • Set-up of automatic slide show repetition
  • Preparation of printed slide show materials

Assessment Strategy:

Participants will be evaluated based on their participation in class discussions and activities

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