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Learn how to transform the building blocks of your firm’s operational focus to include a commercially viable push into the realm of Microfinance. The World Bank estimates that there are now over 7000 microfinance institutions, serving some 16 million poor people in developing countries. The total cash turnover of MFIs world-wide is estimated at US$2.5 billion and the potential for new growth is outstanding. Participants will build a solid conceptual foundation and apply this in practice through hands-on case studies and exercises.

We will define the strict parameters that encapsulate the area of Microfinance and Micro Finance Institutions, and consider the effects the rates structures that operate within microfinance and examine several institutions that have changed the face of poor nations round the world.


Upon the completion of this course, the participant will have:

  • An understanding of what the effects are of financing the poor through Micro Finance
  • A more strategic understanding of the established and developing tools that can be used to manage and measure risk and rewards of micro finance

Content Highlights

  • Gain a more strategic understanding of operational risk in Micro Lending and the tools available to identify, measure, control, mitigate, and monitor it
  • Understand and articulate your institution’s cooperation with the identified institutional thrust to make lending available to all strata of the public
  • Recognise what is needed to deliver appropriate policies and programs to address the needs of the poor.
  • Learn how to raise awareness and build collaboration with your management, business, and risk partners regarding management of this type of lending
  • Understand the relationship between micro finance and environmental consciousness, the goal of every institution of today which has a strong forward vision

Target Audience

  • Business development managers, relationship managers in credit, line officers, small business finance officers all stand to benefit in getting a broad stroke understanding of this as yet untapped area of business. We also plan to include end users within the group for a conceptual meeting of the minds and needs to resources. This is expected to create a desirable environment where the providers and users of this type of financing can educate and understand each other’s potential and limitations.

Qatar has taken significant steps towards creating a modern, knowledge-based economy, as the basis for a stable and sustainable future.

In order to live up to this revelation, We_They was established in 2009 under the auspices of Qatar Financial Centre Authority - QFCA to raise the financial services industry standards and help organizations and professionals achieve their learning and business objectives, thus aligned with Qatar 2030 vision.

We specialize in providing training and developing the financial sector. We believe that such an investment is a key strategy to support a modern, industrialized, knowledge-based economy.

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