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Certification Body for Esoteric/Spiritual Sciences:  Illuminations Well-Being Center

About: Metaphor Therapy Training:

  • Did you know that the subconscious mind stores and presents information in the form of visuals and that we all talk our deeper experiences through the use of descriptive visuals?

Human Mind presents images in three different ways:  

  • Verbal Metaphors
  • Drawing Metaphors
  • Imaginary Metaphors

Metaphor Therapy is commonly popular tool used by many psychologists to understanding the client’s subconscious mind beliefs and imagination through the analysis of their drawing and use of colors.

This skill is known as the use of Metaphors in Counseling & Healing. Analysis of metaphor therapy brings greater insight into the presenting issue the client comes in with.

This modality is a fantastic additional training towards your holistic practice and is extremely effective when working with children!


This course teaches you to find out and decode the hidden/core meaning behind the presenting issue the client comes with and combines theory and practice where participants are able to work with the following

  • Metaphors save time by providing a direction.
  • Research Findings on Metaphors
  • The Mind, Metaphor and Health
  • Ten Case Study


  • Identify a metaphor
  • Developing Metaphors
  • Work with the metaphor
  • Mature changes


  • Interpretation of Drawings
  • Color Psychology
  • Conveying the implications
  • Making Therapeutic Changes
  • Symbolic Space and Time


  • Developing Imagination
  • Leading word pictures
  • Interpreting the elements of imagination
  • Maturing Changes


  • Projective Technique
  • Associative Technique
  • Progressive Technique


  • Needless to say that these images can form the very basis of a very effective communication & counseling session 

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About Illuminations Training Academy

Having widely contributed towards self-development initiatives in the U.A.E since 2007, Illuminations is popularly considered to be Dubai’s pioneer holistic healing and theyll-being center.
At Illuminations, they inspire inpiduals from all walks of life to take charge of their life and expand beyond their established boundaries to create their own desired reality.
Ytheir mind, body and energy are intangibly connected and profoundly influence every aspect of ytheir daily life – health, theyalth, relationships and energy connection.
In today’s fast paced society, they get deeply entangled in the trivialities of daily life and often forget to notice the negative patterns they form in order to deal with the ever-increasing stress.
At Illuminations, they help you break away from the self-imposed limitations that are seeded in ytheir inner self due to the challenges and adversities experienced in the past.
Through various self-development and transformative practices based on the holistic approach, their services are designed to maximize one’s inner potential and realize the greatness of who you genuinely are!
they invite you to embark on an illuminating jtheirney of self-discovery to unearth the treasure of everlasting happiness that is present within! 
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