Metallurgy of Precipitation Strengthening VECG Trainging
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In this course you will learn: - Binary phase diagrams of non ferrous alloys. - Strengthening mechanisms by precipitation. - Study of different parameters that affect the strengthening results such as: temperatures, cooling rate,… - Effect of different parameters on the strengthened alloy.


The main goal of this course is to learn about the microscopic changes that take place in a precipitation strengthened alloy and their effects on the properties of the alloy. The effects of the different heat treating steps (solution treatment, quench, and aging) and heat treating process parameters (solution treatment temperature and time, quench rate, and aging temperature and time) on the alloy microstructure and the effects on alloy strength are discussed.

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This course is addressed to mechanical engineers, metallurgists, chemical engineers and researchers in the field of materials that would works with non ferrous metals and alloys.

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