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    Medical transcription training is available for those who recently decided to pursue a MT career, but it is also available to those who wish to continue to develop their MT education and skills. Many website offer online training courses and tutorials that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home. In addition, numerous colleges, community colleges, universities, and vocational schools offer medical transcription classes and training.
    Medical transcription is a profession that encompasses technology, grammar, spelling, writing, and medical terminology. These areas of study are constantly changing, so staying up-to-date on the latest skills and methods is essential. For newcomers to the profession, it may be beneficial to participate in an internship or practicum shadowing an established medical transcriptionist.
    Please find below the detailed course outline for Medical Transcription : -

    Unit 1

    1. Welcome to the Exciting World of Medical Transcription
    2. Word Parts and Root Words
    3. Prefixes and Suffixes
    4. Divide Medical Terms
    5. Combine Medical Terms
    6. Listening Skills
    7. Forming Plurals
    8. Proper Names and Acronyms
    9. Abbreviations and Numbers
    10. Medical Capitalization and Medical Punctuation
    11. Grammar Basics
    12. Listening Skills: Opposites and Sound Alikes
    13. Overview of Human Biology
    14. Anatomy: Locate Parts of the Body
    Unit 2
    1. Anatomy: Landmarks, Divisions and Body Cavities
    2. Anatomy and Function of a Cell
    3. Tissues and Organ Systems
    4. Specialists
    5. Disease Processes
    6. Medical Reports
    7. Transcribing Skills
    8. The Medical Transcriptionist's Tool Box
    9. Integumentary System
    10. Musculoskeletal System
    Unit 3
    1. Neurological System
    2. Cardiovascular System
    3. Immune System and Respiratory System
    4. Gastrointestinal System
    5. Genitourinary System
    6. Transcription Technology
    7. Reproductive System
    8. Endocrine System
    Unit 4
    1. Pediatrics
    2. Neuropsychiatry
    3. Professional Medical Ethics and Procedures
    4. Healthcare Records
    5. Electronic Health Records
    6. The Pharmacy and Clinical Laboratory
    Unit 5
    1. Pathology Transcription
    2. Diagnostic Imaging
    3. E-mail and Security
    4. Medical Transcription Report Editing
    5. Putting It All Together
    Additional Course Materials*
    • Anatomy and Physiology Textbook
    • Medical Transcription Flashcards
    • Medical Dictation Audio
    • Intro to Microsoft Word
    • Alphabetized Flashterms List
    • Express Scribe Supplement
    • Career Starter Guide
    • Professional Headset
    • Professional Foot Pedal
    • Official Medical Transcriptionist Professional Book (Hard Copy and Soft Copy)
    In addition to the above the Transcriptionists will get additional assistance on the below : -

    1. Basic/Advanced Rules of Grammar
    2. Extended Typing Skills Practice/Speed Advancement Testing (Time to Time)
    3. Work Types/Listening/Editing/Listening Comprehension

    Medical Transcriptionist Job Description and Earning Potential
    What will I be doing as a medical transcriptionist?
    The clinical documentation industry includes medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors. Training at Knowledge Point Institute can prepare you for both of these career paths.
    Medical transcriptionists type up written reports of the audio files doctors' record after they interact with patients. These written reports are then included in the patient's medical record.
    Medical transcription editors have received specialized transcriptionist training to correct and edit written reports created by speech recognition software, which automatically translates the doctor's dictation into text.
    Most of these professionals work from home, although there are a few who work on-site for hospitals or clinics. With Knowledge Point Institute Training program, you can gain the skills you need to work at home in either of these healthcare documentation roles, making you more flexible when you are looking for a medical transcription job. Choose Knowledge Point Institute for your medical transcription course for the quality education you need to training on; to work at home in healthcare documentation.
    How much can I make as a medical transcriptionist?
    Most medical transcriptionists are paid on production, so the more you work the more you can make. The Department of Labor reports that the middle 50% of medical transcriptionists earn between $26,960 and $43,610 a year.

    A medical transcription career offers the opportunity to earn a great income in the growing healthcare industry from the comfort of your own home.
    Program Learning Outcomes:

    Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
    1. Accurately and efficiently transcribe medical reports.
    2. Effectively use hard and electronic resources to perform medical transcription duties.
    3. Demonstrate excellent proofreading and editing skills.
    4. Demonstrate strong oral and written English communication skills.
    5. Demonstrate excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills.
    6. Competently and effectively operate medical transcription equipment and relevant software.
    7. Demonstrate proficiency in computer and keyboarding skills.
    8. Display confidence, initiative and critical thinking performing transcription duties.
    9. Maintain high professional standards of integrity and confidentiality.
    10. Work effectively as team members.

    Few Highlights about Knowledge Point Institute : -

    1. Knowledge Point Training Institute in Dubai's genesis can be traced back to 1995, so we are into operations for the last 23 Years.

    2. We are backed by Superior teaching staff and state-of-the-art facilities, each of our student gets industry related training.

    ;Medical Transcription Instructors at Knowledge Point Institute come with 20+ Years of Industry experience, certified and trained individually more than 3500+ professionals.

    4. KHDA Approved Institute (Certificate provided will be attested by Ministry of Education)

    5. We will work with every participant individually to ensure the quality levels are met.

    6. Real Time case studies and examples will be provided in the class. Excellent knowledge delivery and industry based ;

    7. More than 70% of students joining us come due to Word of Mouth.

      Updated on 17 January, 2022

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Graduation from a certificate program in medical transcription at least entry level

    Job titles this course is suitable for

    Professional , Entry Level Medical Transcriptionist

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    About Knowledge Point – Best Training Institute in Dubai

    Knowledge Point is the one the best Training Institute in Dubai, UAE. We empower students by providing them with outstanding training and exposure to make them industry ready.

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    Knowledge Point aims to become a leading training institute in Dubai which facilitates advanced infrastructure and allows creativity to flow. We allow students to explore and learn from their mistakes. We believe that students are our true future. At Knowledge Point, we do not differentiate between students. In fact, we cherish every gift and talent that the students possess.

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