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This course comprises recordings of the live webinars from the Training team for free as part of a client's Support Maintenance.

In addition to the recordings, some lectures also include short quizes to help users test their knowledge, as well as printable materials that contain step by steps which can be printed off.

The course is organized by lectures. Each lecture focuses on a specific module from the MedEvolve application. This enables course-viewers both the option to jump to a specific section of interest as well as go through all of the material, from start to finish.

Steps for a first time Udemy user:

You'll need to create a profile for yourself first. Please include your practice name along with your first name in the profile.


Next, after choosing "Take this lecture, please use this coupon code to have the cost waived that was provided to you or your admin.

Mobile Devices

If you'd like to view the course on your Apple or Android device, phone or tablet,

First, pull down the Udemy app.

Once it's installed, log in as yourself. You'll see the course you've already registered for.

Extra mentions:

-When viewing the videos on a computer, be sure to click "HD in the bottom to get the video to show up in higher res.

-Also, clicking the fullscreen button can make the experience better too.

-The program remembers when you pause something so you'll be able to watch a couple minutes here and there so when you leave and come back, it will know where to start back up for you.

Updated on 30 December, 2017
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